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In this blog I am going to explain, How can we collect variable variant of planning sequence in transport which is especially used in process chain.

Variable Variant of planning sequence will not get collected while creating it.

Below are the step how to create "variable variant of planning sequence" and collect it in transport request.

  1. In planning sequence, variable should be used.

  2. Display your planning sequence from "RSPLAN" Tcode.

  3. Check the planning sequence variable variant name.

  4. GoTo: SE01 >> Double click on your TR no. >> Objects tab >> Click on Edit  >> in Object column - enter TABU  and Give Object name
    RSRPARAMETRIZA -  for parameter name 
    RSRPARAMETRIZAT -  for parameter Text

  5. Press enter and save it.


Note: Basically purpose of this parameter to collect the variable variant name & Test (as content of table)  and we are moving same to whole land scape. DEV >> QA and >> Pro. to reflect same thing in all system.


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