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Release started: Cancelled releases can be repeated.

Error while trying to release a transport request, “Release started, Cancelled releases can be repeated”. So, when I try to release a TR this is the error I have identified and goggled, but couldn’t find any relevant posts (apologies if I missed any posts relevant to this error), so thought of sharing my experience.



I have modified a role and executed Transaction code related to releasing a Transport request in Development, where I am able to release the Task but not the Parent TR, I have noticed this error for the first time while releasing a TR in development system “Cancelled releases can be repeated” and I see a small lock symbol next to the TR for which I didn’t know the meaning of it in the first place. (screenshot IMAGE 1)



Once I noticed the error (as in screenshot IMAGE 2), I tried to refresh, go back and out forth in to the TR Tcode, but nothing works, still the same Error “(8) Ended with errors”.

So when I thought reaching out for Basis consultant help, I was swapping through my SAP screens and noticed that one of the screens which I was working on role modification was left open, then I thought the issue lies here in the PFCG screen for which I made the role modifications (these are my changes for which I am trying to create a Transport Request) was still open and I clicked on the display icon (as shown in the IMAGE 2 screenshot, as highlighted on the left) which is a log file to know the reason of the error.


Identified that the role was locked by my User ID (as stated earlier, role was still open with my ID) and the same is shown in error logs. IMAGE 3 for reference.


Upon closing the PFCG screen, i was able to release the TR (as highlighted in Image 4) with completed state for pre-export methods.

“The lock icon (highlighted in the Image-1) itself the solution to the error I have faced (as the changes were locked by my User ID).”


Thought sharing the Quote: “No problem exists without any solution”.


The above information listed is out of my experience and can vary form system to system or project to project. In this scenario, I have worked on a Customizing request created for a role modification, state of the TR is Modifiable and not in Released state. There could be many possible ways in solving this issue, thought sharing my knowledge for which I have encountered and solving it by self.


Suggestions / Modifications to this blog is much appreciated.