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As we all know that IBP 2202 is already there as of Feb 2, 2022 with great new features & many awaited innovations. We will discuss some of such details here & further knowledge links to explore various ideas further.

Order based planning area SAP7F

This is the biggest change in 2202 release. New planning area has been provided for Order based planning named as SAP7F which stands for ‘Flexible’. It now allows to customize master data objects according to business needs. The key feature is the visibility of orders that can be planned using order-based planning runs or integrated from SAP S/4HANA. On top of this we now have ‘Real Time Integration (RTI)’

Real-time integration: system data comparison and reconciliation

A new app as well as application job template has been provided. This is only available based on the Flexible Planning Area SAP7F. RTI, uses the functions of the data transfer Core Interface (CIF) to capture data changes. It is implemented as a built-in process for integrating master and transactional data into SAP IBP. New app can be used to view and resolve data inconsistencies during real-time integration with SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA system.

The Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) process

A dedicated planning area is provided to facilitate the MRP process planning adhering to Asset-intensive industry processes. There will be a tight integration between SAP IBP and SAP Enterprise Asset Management EAM. Key business objectives here are to get the right spare parts & workforce, in the right place, at the right time to optimize inventory levels & increase assets availability and reliability. Both corrective & preventive maintenance can be provisioned. Please be aware that there is not a MRP planning area out of box in IBP 2202 but must be setup manually as an enhancement for which you can find guidance in SAP note 3137241.

SAP Fiori app “Supply Chain Network” with invalid lanes

If you configure Invalid attributes for Location Source or Production source & then maintain the master data for the same as ‘X’ it can be displayed as dotted line on the network App. This is much helpful in the visibility of network in case of any temporary issue in your network & unavailability of some sources may be due to transport issues, bottlenecks at vendors or plant shutdowns.

Forecasting & Demand planning

Demand planning scope item has been enhanced with a Planner Workspace for global demand planners and now also contains an example for variable impact analysis.

New forecast model for advanced forecasting with gradient boosting has been added. Some new key figures have been added as well for variable impact analysis.

New forecast model for demand sensing with gradient boosting considering the information gained from each independent variable when calculating the sensed demand has been added.

New Manage Tasks App

This was a much-needed tool so we can manage the tasks within IBP itself despite we use the social collaboration or not.

SAP IBP, Add-in for Microsoft Excel: Enhancements to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

SAP provides further API’s to make basic functions of the Excel add-in accessible trough Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) coding.

Consumer high velocity forecast error input into inventory optimization

Plan inventory with accumulated demand forecast variability based on lead-time intervals of high-volume products

Multistage inventory optimization to consume a new forecast error input key figure, representing the forecast error coefficient of variation over lead time intervals at daily or weekly levels

Alternative (Substitute) Resources

For the time-series-based supply planning optimizer only, you can now define alternative production resources. A production source can now use one or more alternative resources, as well as the original resource

Planning View Appearance in Planner Workspaces

Planning views often show a wide range of different key figures that are needed to make important decisions and assess supply chain disruptions. To visualize and analyze the situation in complex planning views more easily, capability to define appearance settings has been added. Planning views can be customized further to focus on important key figures.


These highlights are based on the various contents provided by SAP on what’s new in IBP 2202 release.
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