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This blog demonstrates how to perform Synchronous Goods Receipt with Quality Management in Embedded EWM. The process flow diagram is included for ease of understanding.

Synchronous Goods Receipt with QM:

Synchronous goods receipt posting is additional functionality provided by SAP that can be used based on specific business need. We don't need to create inbound delivery to process goods receipt and put away activities for purchase orders created for EMW managed storage locations. In purchase order confirmation key should be blank in this scenario. This blog will show integration of quality management with Sync. Goods receipt posting.


SAP S4 HANA 2022 Cloud PE

Embedded EWM S4 HANA 2022

Process Flow:


The basic configuration setup to activate synchronous goods receipt and integration of QM module.

Basic Configuration for synchronous Goods Receipt:

Kindly Check below Blog for detail configuration of Synchronous Goods Receipt Posting.

Synchronous Goods Receipts in EWM For External Procurement (PO Based) with MIGO | SAP Blogs

Synchronous goods receipt for Purchase orders in S4 HANA 2020 Embedded EWM | SAP Blogs

Integration with QM:

Material Master need to update with QM Managed View.

Tick QM for Synch. GM in warehouse dependent IOT Setting.

Define Separate WPT for Quality Accepted and Rejected Scenario.

Assign WPT to Logistical Follow Up Action.  This will create subsequent WT after Usage Decision.

Acceptance Scenario

Rejection Scenario


The key process steps are as follows:

  • PO Created without Confirmation Control key.

  • Goods Receipt Posting with MIGO

  • After GR posting Inspection Lot and EWM WT will be created automatically.

  • After Taking decision as accepted in QA32/QA11 new WT will get create according to follow on action and WPT will be assign to it.

In this scenario we have accepted in usage decision hence WPT QA10 will be assign to newly created WT as per below.


  • With this functionality, the goods receipt process can be performed without using IBD.

  • After goods receipt posting 1 WT will get create on EWM side which will be cancelled after Usage Decision makes on inspection Lot and new WT will be created based on decision and Will attached to same WO.

  • Partial acceptance and rejection is possible from same lot and 2 tasks will be created.

  • For Partial Accepted/Rejected Scenario Trigger Follow Up is mandatory in EWM Inspection for follow up action to be triggered. Header decision can be either accept/reject. Header Decision will be used to clear inspection Lot from Pending list.

This blog is based on my personal insights in embedded EWM of S/4HANA 2022 release. Your suggestions/feedbacks are highly appreciated. There are few more articles on the way. Please follow my profile for the new blog posts related to latest features provided by SAP.

Do you have any further comments related to this topic? Do share them in the comments sections below without any hesitation.
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