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Synchronous Goods Receipt for Kanban:-

With this feature,  synchronous goods receipt with the Kanban replenishment strategy In-House can be posted with Production using the control type ''Working with Production Orders for goods receipt from discrete manufacturing directly to the bin of the production supply area (PSA).

Diagram from SAP document to understand synchronous goods movement.


Synchronous goods movements are also supported for the following Kanban strategies:

  • Summarized JIT call (Kanban) with goods receipt from vendor directly to PSA bin.

  • Kanban replenishment strategy In-House Production using the control type Processing with Planned Orders and Cost Collector for goods receipt from repetitive manufacturing directly to the PSA bin

For this blog, Kanban Inhouse '0006' Replenishment strategy has been taken.


Step 1:Kanban to empty →creation of production order

System will create a Production order emptying Kanban Card,

Configure all PP production order process for Auto Order release, synchronous goods posting from production scheduling profile and control cycle. Use SAP standard order type for Kanban PPK1 with Forward scheduling.


Step 2: Confirmation and GR of prod. order →Kanban to full

On successful Kanban confirmation, Card signal changes from Empty to Full.

System created a material document associated with Production order.

Production Order Completed.


Stock Updated.

Warehouse Task created & Confirmed automatically.


Customization Involved.

Effects on Existing Data

The system determines the goods receipt bin from the Kanban control cycle.

Effects on Customizing

 Activate synchronous goods receipt in the production scheduling profile assigned to the Kanban material:

  • In Customizing for Production under Shop Floor Control  Master Data  Define Production Scheduling Profile for Discrete Manufacturing

  • Set up several options for control of 'Automatic Warehouse Task Creation'' at storage type level or WPT level. Also determination of WPT with synchronous posting without document type and Item type


Thanks for reading through, I would write more stuff on EWM Manufacturing integration on S/4 HANA 2020 Embedded EWM.