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When working with TM, I find it useful to look at all statuses at one glance, thus I am pasting here a summary power point of the standard statuses and how they are updated by EM. Hope, you find it useful.

The execution status at the header can be used to exclude FOs from the cockpit that have arrived at the final destination.

It allows you to show only freight orders that are "in execution" in a POWL.

The handling execution status on FO item level can be used to check what is the current status of the FU (loaded or unloaded ) but it does not say where.

For example, on the Fo item tab, customers can see which one of the FUs was already loaded. But, it changes to unloaded when its delivered and always shows the latest status.
The handling execution status on the stop level says what the status is AND where.
The cargo receipt status allows seeing if one product on a FU was delivered.

If you use standard EM events UNLOAD_END and LOAD_END to do your loadings and unloadings, these statuses will be updated automatically.

In addition, the logistics execution status on the FO header is updated with the last event which is visible on the FO POWLs.

A complete explanation can be found in the TM application help in the following link:

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