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SAP Released SP06 on May 2nd 2014 for SAP EM 9.0.

Highlights include correcting issues and improving performance for OER related functionality. See below for the list of OSS notes included in the support pack.

AIE-OER Object Event Repository

  • 1963146 Queries may not return the original EPCIS message
  • 1964316 Performance issues when capturing an EPCIS message with a la
  • 1968226 Lock table overflow during EPCIS message processing
  • 1974869 Performance optimization for capturing of EPCIS messages
  • 1976112 Avoid call of method CHECK_REPOST_DATA
  • 1976153 Enable mass check for archived event handlers when processing
  • 1978145 Unnecessary call of FM /SAPTRX/FIND_EH_GUIDS when processing
  • 1979272 Query result in wrong order when ordered by ‘QUANTITY’
  • 1979566 Performance improvement for method CHECK_MAX_EVENT_COUNT

SCM-EM-MGR Event Manager

  • 1883931 Documentation missing for report /SAPTRX/EE_MONITOR_ADVANCED
  • 1960510 Performance optimization for capturing EPCIS messages

SCM-EM-MGR-CON Control Processing

  • 1972632 Unnecessary retrieval of event handler data when processing

SCM-EM-MGR-EVP Event Processing

  • 1957964 New parameter for activity TM_MAINTAIN_EXEC_INF
  • 1970392 Activity QUIT_EVM_PROCESSING effects processing of other event

SCM-EM-MGR-ISQ Information System and Queries

  • 1951993 Display of consolidated events not correct if one event message
  • 1958813 Performance enhancement for SimpleEventQuery
  • 1962186 Performance enhancement for SimpleEventQuery
  • 1971371 Split up of SELECT in method get_by_trk_ids
  • 1972756 Event message display is wrong if multiple event handlers ar
  • 1973329 Performance enhancement for SimpleEventQuery
  • 1974554 ‘By System’ indicator is not evaluated for hidden configured
  • 1975648 Columns of tab ‘Event Messages’ are not wrapped
  • 1976444 ‘Event Messages’ tab is getting collapsed after sending even
  • 1978096 Method FILTER_DATA performs unnecessary SELECTs