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SIT (SAP Inside Track) 2015 event was one of the most interesting events one should have ever attended. We can say people who have attended this event for them it would be turning point in their SAP careers and open window for next generation SAP consultants.

IT was Saturday perfect sunny day of winter, good weather to go hiking, trekking or just outing with family. But scene at Deloitte Hyderabad office was different, we would passionate SAP Professionals from various IT forms from all levels (approx. 300+) sharp at 8:30 a.m. ready to explore SAP world.( absolutely with no regrets)

I liked the Mantra given by speaker from SAP labs: UNLEARN, LEARN, RELEARN

He also mentioned to redefine business processes we need to reimagine business model, following principles I found very useful to do so--Intelligence, Agility, Openness, Individuality, Empathy, Elasticity & Scalability and Continuity.

Future of IT was explained with examples in detail presentation, I captured following points thought to be helpful to share:

1. Software=Network by open platform

2. One cannot do it all alone

3. Basis of completion--Consumer experience

4. Cloud first mindset

5. Highly modular and scalable software

6. Software is moving from business documentation to business decision and outcome.

With powerful presentation by SAP lab speaker, inspiring messages by Deloitte Senior Managers and motivational speech by Deloitte Director we kick off this event, sessions starting from 10 a.m. for 6 tracks--Finance, Logistics, Development, UX and Mobility, Infrastructure and Data & reporting, in all 36 topics presented by 44 speakers.

SAP HANA was all over, covered in all topics, from Logistics perspective some of the interesting topics were:

  • MRP live on HANA S/4, very interesting and useful change over by SAP on MRP. I believe all MRP controller would love this avatar of MRP Live not only providing more information, user friendly screens but all more control.
  • IOT (Internet of things) possibilities with retail--this session really allowed you to stretch your brain capability to extreme levels, rather I would say you enter into different world of possibilities, sharing information between any thing, action based on information share and automation to the extend which we never thought, all mind blowing
  • S/4 HANA new functionality in Logistics and Manufacturing processes--in 40 min these consultants were able to make an impact that this is what we need to run future business
  • ARIBA is the future of procurement, we all new that and read, got to know from lot of sources, but I started believing after this session of PO invoice automation with ARIBA.
  • Enterprise Inventory with service level optimization was one of my interest area where planning is involved to calculate stock to be available just in time, at right place with right quantity, Consultants did their best to present with lot of examples and engage audience with stories, but frankly if you are not MRP guy or planner you will get bore. While I truly enjoyed this session  understanding new possibilities of service level optimization.

I can conclude this event as very successful, well organized, specialized speakers, opportunity to network with industry leaders, sessions selected thoughtfully and arranged in proper sequence, very good infrastructure, SPOC always available for any information, total support from volunteers and yes very important, Yummy food :smile:

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