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Hi All,

One of my colleague got a requirement to unload goods from the transportation unit( Truck ) With out using the process oriented storage control process so here is the solution to achieve this with few more additional configuration steps.


Step1: Create a Warehouse process type for Unloading from Transportation Unit.

Step2: Maintain Process type determination Indicator.

Step3: Determine Warehouse Process type.

Step4: Maintain Process type determination Indicator in Product Master.

Step5: Maintain Means Of transport In EWM.

Step6: Activate the Shipping & Receiving in for Warehouse.

Step7: Maintain Goods Movement Bin.

Step8: Create Inbound Delivery with the transportation Information.

Step9: Maintain Transportation Information as below.

Step10: Check the Delivery In EWM if you observe there is no goods movement bin but still the delivery is with out errors.

Step10: Check the Transportation Unit Tab.

Step11: Activate the Transportation Unit in /SCWM/TU

Step12: Create a Warehouse task for put away.

If you observe there is a new field Source TU Got Enabled on the Warehouse Order Screen.

Now Click on Create + Save & then Confirm the Warehouse task.

Step13: Check Out the Transportation Unit in /SCWM/TU


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