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Whenever an issue is reported, being an ABAP Developer/Technical consultant you try to identify technical object which is responsible for specific functionality, then immediately you keep a breakpoint at relevant coding block to start investigation and debugging process. But you wonder sometimes that control does not stop at breakpoint or system does not open up debugging during scenario replication.

This could probably happen when your technical object associated with some of the below functions:

  • Update Function modules

  • Process controller strategies

  • BG RFC Units

  • Triggers

  • PPF Output Management -B2B Communication

I can understand how tragedy the situation of an ABAP Technical consultant can be if debugger does not show up, but here are some of the pointers you could refer to enable debugging:

  • Keep always an external breakpointin the ABAP code

  • Enable System Debugging or Update Debugging as per requirement


  • Lock Destination for debugging BGRFC Units


Sometimes it is also worth checking below transactions prior to start debugging. You could already get some understanding what is the functional reason behind the issue. Here you could get what is the BO, node, input data, detailed error log with Message class and Number. Then this will help further to analyze if any customizing/Configuration missing or Master data corrections required..etc.

  • ST22 - For Short dumps

  • SM12 – For any Object / Application locks

  • SM13 – If any Update requests (FM’s) are failed.

  • SBGRFCMON – If any BG RFC Units are failed

  • SLG1 – For Application log

  • SRT_MONI – For Web services

  • SXI_MONITOR – For Proxy’s

Appreciate your comments if there are any additional Technical functions that needs an attention.
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