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EWM Important Tables in SAP S4 Hana.

1. Stock

/SCWM/AQUA Available stock for warehouse task creation
/SCWM/QUAN Physical stock attributes
/LIME/NQUAN Physical stock
/SCWM/STOCK_IW01 Normal stock
/SCWM/STOCK_IW02 Batch managed stock
/SCWM/STOCK_IW03 Reference stock (PDI, PDO)
/SCWM/STOCK_IW04 Special stock

2. Warehouse Task

/SCWM/ORDIM_C Warehouse tasks confirmed
/SCWM/ORDIM_CS Serial number for confirmed warehouse task item
/SCWM/ORDIM_E Exception codes for warehouse task
/SCWM/ORDIM_H Warehouse task: Movements of HU items
/SCWM/ORDIM_HS Serial numbers for HU item movements
/SCWM/ORDIM_L Warehouse tasks log table
/SCWM/ORDIM_LS Serial numbers for warehouse task log table
/SCWM/ORDIM_O Warehouse tasks opened

3. Transportation Unit

/SCWM/TU_DLV Assignment of Deliveries and HUs to Transportation Units
/SCWM/TU_DOOR Relationship between TU activities and door activities
/SCWM/TUNIT Data for the TU itself
/SCWM/TU_SR_ACT Contains start date/times and end dates/times
/SCWM/TU_STATUS Status of the TU activities
/SCWM/TU_VEH Contains one or more vehicle activities with which a TU activity can be linked
/SCWM/DOOR_SRACT S&R Activities of a Door

4. Wave

/SCWM/WAVEHDR Wave header information

5. Outbound Delivery

/SCDL/DB_DLVH_O Outbound Delivery Header
/SCDL/DB_DLVI_O Outbound Delivery Item
/SCDL/DB_PROCH_O Outbound Delivery Order Header
/SCDL/DB_PROCI_O Outbound Delivery Order Item

6. Inbound Delivery

/SCDL/DB_PROCH_I Inbound Delivery Header
/SCDL/DB_PROCI_I Inbound Delivery Item

7. Reference

/SCDL/DB_REQH Header Inbound Delivery Notification / Outbound Delivery Request
/SCDL/DB_REQI Item Inbound Delivery Notification / Outbound Delivery Request

8. Handling Unit (HU)

/SCWM/HUHDR Handling unit header
/SCWM/GMHUIDENT Additional HU Identifications for a Goods Movement Log
/SCWM/HUSSTAT Individual status for each handling unit
/SCWM/HUREF Handling unit reference
/SCWM/HUSTOBJ Information about handling unit status object
/SCWM/GMHUSTAT HU Status of HUs from Goods Movement Log
/SCWM/GMHUITM Handling Unit Item
/SCWM/GMHUHDR Goods Movement Handling Unit Header

9. Storage Bins

/SCWM/LAGP Storage Bins
/SCWM/LAGPS Bins for execution areas and activities

10. Master Data

/SAPAPO/MATMAP Mapping table for products
/SAPAPO/MATEXEC Product execution data
/SAPAPO/MATTXT Material Descriptions
/SAPAPO/MATLWHST Location product for Location Warehouse and sub location storage type
/SAPAPO/MATLWH Location product for Location Warehouse

The above information is helpful to know about EWM Important Tables in SAP S4 Hana.

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