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For many years now, I have been trying to spread the word on just how valuable SAP Event Management, as a tool, is to a company. Since 2006, when I personally discovered SAP EM, I have yet to find a reason why an organization should not have SAP EM in their "toolkit" of available solutions. Every Enterprise Architect worth their salt should know what functionality SAP EM provides and how the solution fits in to the SAP landscape. Following up on that, every SAP EM consultant needs to truly understand the design aspects behind each choice of functionality to be used. As a "tool" to provide exception management and visibility to your business process there is always 5 ways to achieve the desired outcome. Factoring in existing knowledge, usability, education, supportability, change management, user requirements allows for challenging design sessions. Just yesterday, Perrine asked a question on the SCN SAP EM forum around a certain topic (see here) that led our thoughts down one path when in fact the solution was available in a completely different space. Our solution architects and engineers need to know how all things fit together in order to make this SAP EM engine roll :smile:

A couple of weeks back I gave a talk on the Perfect Purchase Order, at the SAP Insider SCM Las Vegas conference. We went over our 1 1/2 hour limit because folks were so engaged in the topic. I can't say that I've enjoyed a talk more than that one. I absolutely love it when folks engage in the session, as that is when everyone learns the most.

I now have the opportunity to do the same talk at the SAP Insider SCM 2015 Prague conference to be held June 1st - 3rd. In addition I will also be talking on another one of my favorite topics... SAP EM. This time I'll be talking around the integration of SAP EM with SAP Global Trade Services. There isn't much documented about how these 2 integrate and there is even less understanding of where it should integrate... I'll do my best to shed some light and see if we can make sense out of it all. You will find out there are a few surprises with what is delivered standard with SAP EM and then you will also  be presented with the possibilities of what a SAP EM enabled SAP GTS process can bring to the table.

SAP Insider hosts this conference and frankly they do a pretty awesome job in providing a resource rich experience for the attendees. As a speaker I am pleased to be able to offer you a discount to attend the conference and I certainly hope that you are able to attend and come and listen to my talks and meet with me afterwards. I'll have a couple of my books on SAP EM in my bag so don't be afraid to ask me for a copy - I would be happy to provide you with a copy in person.

To claim the discount you just need to use this registration link: Register Here that takes you to the speaker partner page.

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