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SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain (SAP IBP) is one of the fast growing planning tool across the various industries. IBP application offers five core modules which are tightly integrated to achieve one business model within the organization.

It eliminates the silos in the planning process. During the COVID-19 pandemic most of the organizations effects with supply chain disruptions and companies are learning from the COVID-19 impact and trying to build the best supply chain planning process across the organization to support current and future disruptions.

Now coming to importance of this blog post to provide the update on latest innovation from SAP IBP production development team with regards to integration between SAP Order Based Planning (OBP) with SAP and Non-SAP systems integration.

How this feature so important in IBP and what are the benefits? 

With this feature master and transactional data transfers real time from source to target system. It supports order based planning so efficient to manage the day to day operations.

It eliminates the periodic data transfer via background jobs.

SAP IBP Order Based Integration Architecture.

SAP Smart Data Integration (SDI) approach used to integrate master/transactional data between SAP OBP to S/4HANA, ECC or Non-SAP systems in the two different ways.

  1. File-Based Integration (Open API)

  2. Table Integration (ABAP)

SDI process the data periodically via back jobs and not supported real-time data integration which causes planning and execution issues in both IBP and S/4HANA or ECC systems.

Real-time Integration

This integration approach planned to customer usage from 2111 version. Realtime integration from source to target system via asynchronous method.

It covers integration with SAP ECC, S/4HANA On-premise and Cloud versions using bgRFC (Background Remote Function Call).

  1. It supports master and transactional data integration between the source to target system.

  2. It supports initial and delta load of data.

Realtime Integration of Data

The below objects supports real-time integration.

Master Data

  1. Location

  2. Product

  3. Resource

  4. Production Data Structure (PDS)

  5. Transportation Lane (TL)

Transactional Data

  1. Stock

  2. Planned/Production Orders

  3. Purchase Requisitions/ Purchase Orders/ Stock Transfer Requisitions/ Stock Transfer Orders/ Inbound Delivery

  4. Sales Order/ Outbound Delivery

  5. Forecast Consumption

How to transition to Realtime Integration Architecture?

SAP product team provided decision tree to arrive at the appropriate integration technology  to transition to SAP IBP Order-Based Realtime Integration.

The below diagram answer the most the common questions to choose right integration approach.



SAP IBP Order Based Real Time Integration feature supports seamless integration between SAP and Non-SAP systems. RTI will be the primary integration method for order based planning going forward until all existing customers transition from SDI to RTI.


SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain

FAQ: SAP IBP Real-Time Integration and Transition from SDI


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