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If you want to use exceptions codes in the SAP EWM standard RF transactions, you may know the option to enter "LIST" in the shortcut field. However, on some RF devices it is not possible to use the keyboard and also due to a better usability it would be desirable to add the LIST function as a Pushbutton.

The good news is that it's possible to set it up in the customizing (probably available since SAP S/4HANA 2020 FPS01)

Standard behavior

Enter "LIST" in shortcut field to get to exceptions list:

Exceptions list:

Requested solution

Press the Push button or use a short cut to get to exceptions list:

Exceptions list:

Needed Customizing

The instructions for the settings are hidden in the coding:

Sidenote: The first prerequisite is wrong- The function code does not have to be flagged with FLG_EXCEPTION!

1) Assign the internal Exception Code "List" to the Exception Code "List" for your warehouse number

2) Define the function code "GTEXCP" for the RF Framework. (It must be exactly this one like written in the code info)

3) Define a suitable function code text for your Pres. Prof. and your Prsn. Prof.

4) Define function code profile for the logical transaction, the step and the screen sequence where you would like to add the button

Sidenote: To identify the logical transaktion, the step and the screen sequence where you would like to add the button -> navigate to the screen where you would like to add the button in the tx /scwm/rfui -> press "strg" + "shift" + "F1" -> Info screen will pop up

Add an entry at the identified step with the function code "GTEXCP", choose a suitable pushbutton and f-code


That's it. As shown at the beginning, the button should now appear at the appropriate step in the transaction to navigate directly to the excaptions list.

In addition, there is also often the requirement to integrate a specific process code like "CHBD" as a button in a specific transaction step. This is also possible to set up in the customizing. Another blog post will be following.

Any further questions or notes? Drop a comment to discuss.
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