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SAP Business Network for Logistics

New feature for the Carrier: Mark Freight document as Viewed

SAP Release: October 2022

In the 'Review Freight Documents' app in the 'No Disputes' tab, you can now select one or more Freight Documents and choose the 'Mark as Viewed' button to mark a document as viewed.


This functionality will allow better visibility of the worklist.
By marking Freight Documents as Viewed, you know exactly what Freights in ‘No disputes’ are still to be checked or to create a dispute.
Step 1 – Go to 'Review Freight Documents' app

Step 2 – Select Freight Document and choose ‘Mark as Viewed’ button


Freight Document disappear from ‘Not Viewed’ tab

Step 3 – Select ‘Viewed’ tab

Here you can see all marked as viewed Freight Documents

Final remarks

To see more information about SAP Business Network for Logistics Freight Collaboration I encourage to visit: SAP Logistics Business Network, freight collaboration option | SAP Help Portal

What's New in the Freight Collaboration Option for SAP Logistics Business Network | SAP Help Portal will inform you what else was released.

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