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Hi colleagues,

I am writing this article to help some SAP Consultants around the world, like me, implementing SAP BN4L-GTT.

During the execution of TPOF (Tracking Purchase Orders Fulfillment) app configurations, we faced an issue with SSL client certificate connection between ABAPGit program and website.

Reference: Extractor CreationGuide TPOF document, pages 56 to 58 – Download ABAP Code from GitHub step.

We tried to use New Online option to download code GitHub online repository but the error message below was displayed: Error 407: SSL Handshake with 443 failed: SSSLERR_CLIENT_CERT_UNTRUSTED (-109) Client certificate verification failed.


We noticed a missing configuration related installation of certificate in our SAP system, through STRUST transaction.
Steps described here in SSL Setup document.

After our Basis Team configured SSL Setup, I did a Connection Test using YABAPGIT_TEST_SSL program, but didn't work in our first attempt.

Looking again STRUST settings, we noticed that GitHub Certificate was installed in SSL client SSL Client (Anonymous) folder, following SSL Setup document instruction.

On a second attempt, Basis team created a RFC test port and included SSL certificate under a different folder: SSL client SSL Client (Standard) folder.

The RFC test connection successfully worked.

Running a new connection test in YABAPGIT_TEST_SSL program, I changed the SSL Identity (P_ID) from "Anonymous" (where a certificate is not used) to "DFAULT" (where a certificate is used).

The connection test was successful this time.

So, I thought that probably YABAPGIT_STANDALONE_NEW program code could be referring to Anonymous SSL settings causing the error.

Our ABAP Developer verified the program code and “Bingo”!

ABAP Code changed to “DFAULT”.

We executed new Online Mode in YABAPGIT_STANDALONE_NEW program again and this time worked.

We were able to use New Online option to download code from GitHub online repository.

Sorry for the long explanation.
I hope this tip help all of you in your SAP BN4L Projects!
Have a nice day!
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