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Hello Everyone,


This is in continuation with Part-1(SAP AIN Maserdata)...

In this blog, I will be briefing about the master data related to SYSTEM, before that, I would like to brief about the limitations and additional but optional advantages over equipment in AIN

When it comes to SAP R/3, we can able to create Equipment as Functional Location as well, where we can hold a similar kind of information about Manufacturer have better manufacturer analysis as part of maintenance department KPI, but in AIN, when we create Equipment as a SYSTEM we have certain limitations with respect to UID update and Serial Number.


I feel when we talk about VDI 2770 guidelines which have come effective from 18th Oct.2018 having the main objective to transfer the documents from manufacturers to operators to standardize the nature of the manufacturer information on specific objects viz.,

  • Design

  • Installation

  • Commissioning

  • Spare Parts Stocking for respective technical object/Model

  • Maintenance

  • Repair etc...

If the business decides/concludes to use UID to communicate with the OEM for maintenance information stuff or vice-versa for each of the "Model" or even to trace in all the systems, one may not be able to achieve the goal if we create Equipment as a SYSTEM without UID/Serial Number...Whereas in SAP R/3, we have an option to treat the Equipment & Functional location in a similar fashion(Except the validity period), with an option to update the serial number in Functional Location master data like Equipment with respect to the model number.

(The main objective of UID is to identify the technical object in any system by standardizing the UID as Domain/Model/Serial Number, So, if we treat the equipment as a SYSTEM, we would not able to achieve searching the technical object by UID in any system, however, we can do it with other selection criteria but losing the UID objectives )

Let us look at SYSTEM creation in AIN landscape,

As stated we do not have the option to track SYSTEM neither with UID nor with Serial Number, because when we create a MODEL for the system, it does not have a facility to provide the same.

but, SAP has provided a few key important(optional) objectives as per ISO 14224 guidelines to manage the SYSTEM with respect to status. i.e, when Equipment exposed as a system, we can have few additional but optional status as per ISO 14224 guidelines, such as,

  • Redundant/Passive Standby:

Which means that few components/sub-components of the SYSTEM for performing the required functions are operational, but the remaining parts of the whole SYSTEM are inoperative until needed

  • Standby/Active Standby: 

Which means that all the parts of a SYSTEM for performing a required function are envisioned to operate simultaneously

Phases that could be maintained for a SYSTEM:

Just like Equipment, SYSTEM too has two phases.

  • Planned/Current Phase: Which can be maintained using the "Manage Phase" dialog


  • Next Phase: With which the maintenance department can plan upcoming phases, for an example, when the SYSTEM was under “Not Operational” due to some maintenance work, so reliability engineer/manager would like to update the status post completion of repair works in the "next phase" as a “Partial Operational” when it is under observation for a certain time or till the completion of a trial run and then followed by "Fully Operational”  phase post successful completion of the trail run/validation of the system load performance.








Structure list for a SYSTEM:

The way we look at the structure list in SAP R/3, we have an option in AIN as well to have a detailed structure list and this can be achieved by clicking the icon 'Organization Structure' as shown below.


I hope this document may help you to sense the beauty of SAP IAM...



Yours faithfully,

Pardhasaradhi Reddy.C
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