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Hello SAPians,


  • In our blog, we will cover the steps required to perform sales plan by the sales and operations planning in SAP S/4 Hana.


  • Sales and Operations Planning (SOP) is a flexible forecasting and planning tool that enables supply chain targets for sales, production, and other areas to be established using historical, current, and projected future data.

  • To establish the quantities of the capacities and other resources necessary to accomplish these targets, rough-cut planning can also be used.

  • SOP is especially well suited for medium- and long-term planning.

  • SOP is appropriate for planning finished materials, but not for planning the individual components of those items.


SOP is made up of two application components

  • Standard SOP (PP-SOP)

  • Flexible Planning.

Standard SOP:  

  • The system is primarily pre-set using Standard SOP.

Procedure of Standard SOP:

  • Create Product group

  • Create plan in inactive version,

  • Transfer product group to planning.

SOP Steps have 3 classifications:

  • Standard SOP for material

  • Standard SOP for product group

  • Flexible Planning.

Standard SOP for Product group

  • .In our blog, we are going to see the steps involved for performing Standard SOP process using  Product group.

 Process Steps with T codes:

  • Create Product group – MC84

  • Create plan for Product group – MC81

  • Transfer to Demand management -MC75 for PG.

Product Group:

  • The type of product group describes the criteria used for grouping (for instance, size). The examples of this grouping (for example, small, medium, and large) are represented by the product groupings. In Customizing for the Product Master, you define the product group type and product groups.

  • The steps required for Creation of "Product Group" are shown with screenshots below,

Tile Name – Create Product group 

  • Click on this tile to create the product group.

product group creation

  • Press "ENTER" to advance to the next screen after providing all the required information.

Product group creation for members with proportion

  • The information for

  1. Member Number (Material),

  2. Plant,

  3. Aggregation Factor,

  4. Required Proportion must be entered into this screen.

  • Once all the information has been entered, press "Enter" Then click the "Save" button.

2.Create Plan:

  • A sales plan is a strategic plan that details the goals, strategies, obstacles, target market, and actions you will take to carry them out.

Tile Name-Create Plan for product group

  • To create a plan click this Tile,

create Plan for Product group

  • We can create a sales plan for the product group on this screen.

  • Here, we have to choose the necessary product group and plant.

Define Version for plan

  • After pressing the "Enter" button, we must enter the plan's version (EX-032-version032).

  • After selecting the version, click “Tick” icon .

Create Rough-cut Plan

  • Now the system will navigate to the initial rough cut plan screen.

  • Here, we can enter the required quantity for the sales plan.

Rough cut plan -Stock level

  • Now Press the “Enter” Button twice.

  • The system will calculate and reflect the available stock level depending upon demand.

Transfer plan to Demand management

  • After entering the Sales plan, go to More tab>Extras> Transfer to Demand Management for the purpose of transfer sales plan to demand management.

Save -Planning values

  • This pop-up will appear after selecting the "Transfer to Demand Management" button.

  • We have to save the sales plan in this pop-up. Select the "Yes" button.

Transfer planning data to Demand Management

  • The system will move forward to this screen after saving the plan.

  • On this screen, make an entry in the fields provided.

1.First, we have to convert from the inactive to the active version.

2.Then select the transfer strategy and period ,

  “Sales plan for mat. Or PG members as proportion of PG”.

3.Select “From& To Date”.

4.After that Select the “Requirement type which is required”.

5.Now convert the “Version Active to Inactive” –(00- Requirements Plan).

6.Click "Transfer now" to send the sales plan to demand management after entering all the mandatory data.

Planned Independent Requirement-Planning Table

  • From the prior screen, the system will proceed to the "Planned Independent Requirement" screen after transferring the plan. On this screen, we can view the plan that was transferred from the sales plan to the demand management process via sales and operations planning.


  • In conclusion We created a product group and created sales plans (in inactive version) and depending upon the requirement the correct plan will be converted to active version and transferred to demand management

I thank everyone who reads this blog.
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Thanks & Regards,

Veera Manikandan

SAP S/4 HANA Cloud PP-QM Consultant.



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