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Susanne-Kirsten Mueller in the blog-post

reviewed a national track & trace digital system and SAP ATTP role in it

Blueprint of this  architecture from  Susanne-Kirsten article here:

In this series of blog posts, we consider the realization of this blue-print on concrete real-life examples.

Part 1. Architecture

Part 2. Technical details


National track & trace digital system. Scenario from customer stand-point.

Buyer can find Data Matrix QR Code on the real physical unit:

Scan it in the mobile app :

Validate information from the government's central database with the real physical unit:

(App-screenshot with my translation)

National track & trace digital system. Scenario from manufacturer stand-point.

The manufacturer can keep and send to the National track & trace system hierarchy:

SGTINs > SCCC (box)> SCCC (pallet)

So the manufacturer architecture is much more complex:

In the described diagram:

[1] - L1 - Physical level. Printhead on production lines for example by Ullman Devices,  etc

[2],[3] - L2, L3 Aggregation and Serialization level for example by WIPOTEC-OCS. It looks like a web-service for SAP ATTP

[4] - Standalone SAP ATTP (NetWeaver + STTP Add-on). We consider the main transactions in Part 2

[5] -  STTPEC Add-on for SAP S/4HANA. This Add-on brings to S/4HANA  SAP ATTP integration capabilities. We consider it in detail in Part 2.

[6] - STTPEW Add-on for SAP EWM. This is not a finished product. This Add-on brings to EWM only ABAP code examples that you can implement in your project.  We consider "must-have" functionality  in Part 2.


[8] -  CryptoPro CSP is a cryptographic software package. Used to sign XML-messages with Qualified Signatures

[9],[10] - MDLP/SUZ. State track & trace system and Emission generator

[11] - WMS SAP EWM

[12] - MDLP Connector for SAP ATTP by 3keys GmBH.  It brings to SAP ATTP additional capabilities. For example, additional transaction /k3t/ru_monitor allows you to work with messages in MDLP and responses from MDLP in one interface.  We consider it in detail in Part 2.


Are you prepared? New Russian “Crypto-code” Requirements for Retailers and Consumer Product Companies

Official site of 3keys GmBH

Official site of  WIPOTEC-OCS

Official website of the Chestny ZNAK. State track & trace system

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