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Run HCI (HANA Cloud Integration) from your Mobile Device

SAP is Providing One common cloud platform for Enterprise by proving Line of Business Cloud Applications encompassing Business & People collaboration.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform is backbone foundation to support Application Development, Integration  & Database and Analytics to these cloud applications.

As customers adopt cloud solutions with existing complex on premise landscapes , data integration will be key for end to end business process integration to achieve desired business outcomes.

SAP HANA Cloud Integration enables SAP Cloud Applications integration with On-Premise (SAP or 3rd Party) Solutions and Other Cloud Solutions by using either Real time Process Integration, Batch Data Integration & By Prepackaged Integration flows.  It supports Eclipse and Web based tools to Build, Deploy and Monitor data flows or interfaces.

Eclipse based HANA Cloud Integration tool is used when system to system process integration is the need for near real time application or transaction data message orchestration.

HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) is the web user interface tool for data integration flows which aims for system to system synchronization of data, suitable for scheduled batch mass data loads & suitable for Data Transformations used as ETL (Extract , Transform & Load)  tool.

For example , HCI is used for Data Integration requirements to Load and Extract from SuccessFactors, which is a cloud based solution to help organizations align strategy with employee performance and

achieve better business execution and SAP Sales and Operations Planning Application (S&OP).

For these business applications SAP delivers lot of prepackaged integration flows  in HCI that could be easily adopted or modified and New Data Integration flows can be designed and developed.

A HCI project is a container which groups related tasks. A task is a set of steps that are executed together. A task contains one or more data flows. Each data flow describes the ETL process for the specified sources and target. A data flow defines the movement and transformation of data from source to target. Within a data flow, one or more transforms are used to define the changes or transformations that are required.

HCI Data Services Tool provides Web services support Integration with its operations of Executing or Running these Tasks & Monitoring the Job or Task Status.

SAP HANA Cloud Integration Web services technologies support

  • SOAP ( Simple Object Access protocol) which is a internet based connection protocol & envelope for XML Messages

SOAP is an industry standard from the World Wide Web Consortium ( used to invoke network resources using XML over HTTP, HTTPS, and other standard protocols. SAP HANA Cloud Integration supports SOAP over HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

  • WSDL (Web Services Description Language)  which is XML based language used to describe published web services

It is used as a transport mechanism for XML messages.The WSDL file generated by the software includes elements (such as services, bindings, ports, and operations) that support the use of the SOAP protocol. It is accessible at following HCI URL


When an external application calls into SAP HANA Cloud Integration through web services, the application acts as a web service client accessing a web services server. Web service clients call the published web services, pass in the appropriate parameters, and receive the results.

Shared here is video clip of one such application developed to test the HCI web services,  using HTML5 & JQuery Mobile and Phonegap/Cordova Mobile Libraries ( for Android & iOS ) to run on Mobile devices, the same can be acheived with SAP provided Web and Mobile application development  SAPUI5 libraries, which are again built over HTML5/Jquery Framework.

The test application sucessfully demonstrates execution of a HCI Task with ability to provide Global variables  to task as its input parameters and check Task -logs for Trace details of Task activities, Monitor details for record proecessing and run time statistics and Error details , if any.