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"SAP EWM includes the implementation of a radio frequency (RF) framework satisfying the following objectives:

  • Decouples business logic from the physical presentation of application data on a selected presentation device

  • Supports a large variety of device sizes, device types, and data entry types.."


Expose SAP EWM RF-framework capabilities on mobile devices (e.g. on  RF-gun Zebra MC9200)


An entry point to SAP EWM RF-framework transaction - /SCWM/RFUI

It's exposed typically warehouse tasks (WT confirmation, HU maintenance, etc) on a small touch screen of a mobile device like Zebra MC9200

/SCWM/RFUI based on ITS


SAP Internet Transaction Server (SAP ITS) is a server that enhances the three-tiered SAP architecture for use on the Internet. It combines existing Internet technology with application technology and allows reliable access to SAP functions from the Internet or intranets. SAP ITS is available as a standalone server and as an integrated service within SAP Web Application Server

Steps From SAP BASIS standpoint.

Transaction - SICF

Activate ITS, webdynpro, and other related services:


/default_host/sap/public/bc/its (including all related services)








/default_host/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/test/mobile (including all related services

Steps from ABAP/WEB Developer standpoint

ITS Development (Screen painting, buttons, menus, etc) is a complex theme beyond the bounds of this article

This article and wiki as the starting point for the topic understanding:

Step By Step ITS MOBILE Application

ITS Wiki

Steps from a Support engineer standpoint

Support engineers efforts also needed

/SCWM/RFUI based on ITS exposed EWM capabilities via web-technology

To consume that we need an industrial browser on a mobile device.

One of the verified approaches - use a web browser from Ivanti (Wavelink)

About industrial browsers

Industrial browsers are designed to easily incorporate barcode scanning, RFID, etc

Connecting your Windows Mobile or Windows CE mobile computers to SAP.

Plus workers stay focused on their productive tasks without the distraction and risk of general web access.


/SCWM/RFUI (HU info) in Ivanti (Wavelink) industrial browser

Tips for RF-gun settings and administration

How to create host profile for Ivanti (Wavelink) industrial browser with a link to exposed EWM functionality

We can use several approaches for uploading generated profiles to RF-gun

1. Approach #1

Use Windows Mobile Device Center (synchronization software program developed by Microsoft, and the successor to ActiveSync) and connect RF-gun directly to PC through dock station.

2. Approach #2 (optimal)

For example, you want to edit something in the RF-gun profile (AutoEnter enablement, a new client in SAP system, etc)

Usually, consolidate all RF-guns in one place is a true challenge for a big warehouse

In this situation, you can use MDM

Few words about MDM

Mobile device management (MDM) is software that allows IT (SAP BASIS too) administrators to remote control, secure, and enforce policies on tablets, RF terminals, and other end-points. One of the verified approaches - use Avalanche - Enterprise Mobile Device Management

Future of this technology

SAP Strategy for Mobile Warehousing in S/4HANA


Radio Frequency Framework


SAP BASIS/EWM routine task with examples from real life was provided.

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