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Looking to revolutionise your e-commerce warehouse? The cutting-edge Pick-by-Cart app is designed to streamline the picking process and improve productivity. With the ability to pick multiple orders simultaneously, reduce travel distances, and display handling units and their positions on the cart, this app is the ultimate solution for your warehouse operations.

Booming e-commerce

In response to the rapid growth of e-commerce, companies are constantly innovating to keep up with the dynamic supply chain and rising expectations of customers.

These challenges may include:

  • Managing seamless omnichannel operations (stock levels, track & trace, 24/7 customer service, ...)

  • Ensuring accurate inventory levels with accurate product quantities

  • Minimising waste across the supply chain

  • Providing fast delivery services – order today, receive tomorrow

The rise of e-commerce has forced warehouses to rethink their operations in order to keep up with changing customer expectations. Instead of focusing on full-pallet pick, warehouses are now prioritising single-material picking to meet the demand for smaller orders and fast delivery.

While this approach ensures that the correct products are in stock and minimises waste, it is a time-intensive process that requires significant travel distance to complete each order.

Pick-by-Cart app

This is where the Pick-by-Cart solution of Extended Warehouse Management comes into play. This innovative Fiori app was launched to all customers through the EWM 9.5 Support Pack 00, and it presents the ultimate solution to this problem.

Key functionalities of the app include:

  • Tablet compatibility

  • Ability to pick multiple orders simultaneously

  • Reduced travel distances

  • Display of handling units and their positions on the cart

  • Pre-sorted goods during picking, streamlining the packing process

  • Support for scanning and serial numbers

The EWM Pick-by-Cart solution offers a simple and effective way of picking products for e-commerce orders. With a maximum of 25 logical positions on the picking cart, operators can pick multiple orders at once, reducing walking distances and increasing productivity.

The app starts the process with an order release and provides a list of packaging materials required for the picking round. The operator can then manually allocate these materials to a logical position on the cart.

Along the way, the operator is guided to different locations in the warehouse based on the storage bin sorting to make the picking round as efficient as possible.

Efficient picking with guided accuracy

The app streamlines the picking process by not only guiding the operator to the right locations in the warehouse, but also by visually displaying the required quantities for each customer.

The logical positions on the cart are highlighted in the app, with the correct quantities that need to be picked for that specific order. Once the picking is completed, the app guides the operator to the final bin where the boxes can be dropped off at once.



The Pick-by-Cart app's strong visualisation and intuitive interface significantly improves current picking methods, making e-commerce picking easier by allowing operators to handle up to 25 packages in a single round.

Want to know more about the Pick-by-Cart app and how it can improve your e-commerce warehouse operations? Our experts will gladly walk you through everything you want to know.

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