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Usually in a client implementation project, IBP consultants create many custom attributes to cater to multiple business requirements. The data in these attributes are reviewed by the consultants and end users in the “Master Data Workbook” option in IBP Excel UI. However, in a scenario where we have many attributes, it requires the users to scroll left or right to find the relevant attribute. In such cases, it would be helpful if we could re-sequence the attributes in the master data based on our custom sequencing. For example, it would be good to see Product ID and Product Description next to each other when we open Product Master data.

The utility developed will help in re-sequencing of all attributes in the master data with one click, thereby saving a lot of time in searching for relevant fields in the master data.

To define your custom sequence of master data attributes, follow the below steps-

Step 1

Download the SAP Hook for Master Data and place it in the Addins folder (C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\AddIns) of your laptop.

Please replace xxx with your laptop/desktop user ID-

For more information on SAP VBA hook, refer SAP Note -


Update the SAP Hook with additional Code as below-

  1. Code to be copied outside the Function Block>>

Sub Reorder_Column()

' Reorder_Column Macro

Dim ColumnOrder As Variant, ndx As Integer

Dim Found As Range, counter As Integer

Dim Sht As Worksheet

Dim add As Integer

If Cells(2, 1) = "#" Then

add = 1


add = 0

End If

If add = 1 Then

rows("1:1").EntireRow.Hidden = False


ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "#"

End If

If = "Product" Then

If add = 1 Then

ColumnOrder = Array("#", "PRDID", "PRDDESCR", _



ColumnOrder = Array("Product ID", "Product Desc", _

"Brand ID", "Base UOM”, “Base UOM Desc.”)

End If

counter = 1

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

For ndx = LBound(ColumnOrder) To UBound(ColumnOrder)

Set Found = rows("1:1").Find(ColumnOrder(ndx), LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlWhole, SearchOrder:=xlByColumns, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:=False)

If Not Found Is Nothing Then

If Found.Column <> counter Then


Columns(counter).Insert Shift:=xlToRight

Application.CutCopyMode = False

End If

counter = counter + 1

End If

Next ndx

Application.ScreenUpdating = True

End If

If add = 1 Then

rows("1:1").EntireRow.Hidden = True

End If

End Sub

  1. In the function “IBPMDAfterRefresh”, call the above Sub using the below code-

Call Reorder_Column



  • For each master data attributes that you wish to re-sequence, update the order in Array (“#”, “AttributeID1”, “AttributeID2”, … and so on. Don’t delete “#” from the code and make sure that you add the correct Attribute ID as per configuration >> Refer 1 in image above

  • For each master data attributes that you wish to re-sequence, update the order in Array (“Attribute Description 1”, “Attribute Description 2”, “Attribute description 3”, … and so on. Make sure that you add the correct Attribute Description as per configuration. Refer 2 in image above.

  • The Sub Reorder_Column shows how to re-sequence attributes in Product master data. If you wish you re-order more than one master data, then copy the same code (Complete IF Block as in above image) and update the master data name to the desired Master data >> Refer 3 in image above

  • Save the code


Step 3

Load any master data from IBP Excel UI.

Before the SAP VBA Hook is updated with the code to reorder columns-

After the SAP VBA Hook is updated with the code to reorder columns-


I hope that the above code helps in re-sequencing the master data attributes in IBP Excel UI automatically and save time by avoiding repetitive copy-paste tasks.

If you find the above post helpful, do share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section. In case of questions, please post questions in the community by linking to the respective community tag for "SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain":
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