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Some orders though DNs created and PGI completed will still sit in APO by consuming the stock.

With this when new orders they will not get commit/confirmed because unavailability of stock in APO.

Though we know the orders are obsolete, but they will be still available in APO. To remove these orders from APO we have some options like run /SAPAPO/CCR report, /SAPAPO/OM17 live cache and DB consistency check report, /SAPAPO/SDRQCR21…..

If all these options proved to be fail then there is only one option to remove order from APO. It is done in 2 steps. First select the Internal Order number and second delete the order from APO.

The option is delete order permanently by selecting the Internal Order number.

Go to transaction /SAPAPO/OM16 and select OrdKey tab.

Provide Planning Version and Order number. Multiple orders can also be selected.

Now select the Internal Order number, mostly order number will be alpha numeric.

Go to Program /SAPAPO/OM_DELETE_INCON_ORDERS and provide Order GUID (Internal Order number) and planning version.

Select all the check boxes and execute.

A pop-up message will be appeared to confirm order delete.

Select Y to delete order permanently and confirmation message will appear in a Pop-up.

Order No more exist in APO. If you unknowingly delete a consistent order then do CIF.

Again order will be available in APO.



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