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Organisation changes at times have an impact on the planning data and a data realignment process needs to be carried in the planning tool. SAP Integrated Business Planning offers realignment capabilities to accommodate any such organization change. A realignment project needs to be run in IBP for adjusting planning data, such as planning objects, master data and key figure values to reflect such business changes. You can create a realignment project in IBP Web UI or upload a file to create the project. The process to create the realignment project in the web UI in IBP can be long and tedious considering the multiple steps that need to be maintained.

To solve that issue and make the process of carrying out realignment simpler and straight forward, we have developed a utility using VBA and power query. Once the planner maintains the basic inputs, this utility can automate the creation of the load file in the required IBP format making the whole process easier.


The steps below define how to automate the file creation for realignment project.

Step 1

The file “Realignment_Automation.xlam” needs to be placed in the below location in your laptop. Please replace xxx with your laptop/desktop user ID-


Step 2

Unblock the macro file

Macro files downloaded from the internet are usually blocked by excel. Hence to use this file, we will first have to unblock it. To do that, right click on the file and select the “Unblock” checkbox. Click OK after that.

Step 3

  1. Next, we make excel recognise the macro file. To do that open excel. Click on File > Options > Addins > Excel Addins > Select the “Realignment_Automation” checkbox > Click OK


Step 4

Next, we will create a customer button in Excel Ribbon to run this macro. To do that open excel. Click on File > Options > Customize Ribbon > Select Macros from the dropdown > Select Realignment_Automation > Select SAP IBP from the right side > Click on New Group button > Rename group as “Macro” > Click on “Add” button> Click OK


Step 5


Use the excel file “Realignment Data” to upload the mapping information for realignment.


  • Instructions sheet- This sheet is the first sheet in the excel file. You will find all the instructions about using the excel file in this sheet.

  • Header Sheet – In this sheet, enter the Project name and Project Description that you want to update for the realignment project

  • Main Sheet – In this sheet, you will identify the realignment scenario that needs to be created. It can be a material change, Location change, customer change or Profit centre change. Each scenario has a number allocated to it. Notice that for there is a sheet for each of these scenarios as 01, 02, 03 and 04.

  • 01, 02, 03 and 04 – Once you have identified the scenario for which you want to realign planning data, you will have to update the respective sheet. You can choose to update one or more than one sheet in the same realignment project if necessary. Make sure that if you are not updating the table details, then those rows in the table have Step# as #N/A. If you are not specifying one of the columns of this table, use “ALL”. Example, if you have Product-Location and Customer dimensions only in your client business network, then enter ALL for all records under ZPCID in the tables.

  • Once the required tables are updated, click on the “Realignment_Automation” button created in Step 4. This will trigger the macro and the load file will get created in sheet “Realignment Load File”. Copy and paste the content from this sheet into the template downloaded from “Manage Realignment Rules” App and upload the file in Web UI.


The “attribute mapping” and “Selection” tabs under each realignment steps can be updated. The options under “Processing Options” and “Key Figures” have been fixed in the file.

Hard coding done in Realignment project is below >>


Link to Files-


I hope that the above code helps in automatically creating the file to be used for uploading in Manage Realignment Projects in IBP Web UI.

If you find the above post helpful, do share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section. In case of questions, please post questions in the community by linking to the respective community tag for "SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain":






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