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I recently published a blog detailing how the supply chain PTP (Procure to Pay) process could benefit from a tightly integrated SAP EDI process. To view the entire blog please read it at

The blog shows how EDI is a catalyst for achieving that elusive "Perfect Order" which can be defined as:

A) Shipment is:

  • Accurate according to our order
    • On time, Correct quantity, Complete
  • Communicated to us
    • Timely communication, Electronically (EDI) To our specification, Communication matches actual shipment detail
  • Packaged correctly
  • Labeled correctly
    • Legible,  In support of our process

B) Product is:

  • Good quality
    • Damage free
  • Correctly labeled

C) Regulations:

  • Comply with safety regulations
  • Comply with social and environmental regulations
  • Comply with legal terms and conditions

A “Perfect Order ” completely fulfills ALL the above stipulations.

Looking forward to hearing thoughts and comments around this crucial topic.

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