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User Transactions




Application system log for event handling


Event Handler Set browser


Event handler list by status


Event Handler list


EH list with the last event message


Event Handler Creation

Administrator Transactions




Application system log for event handling


Expected Events Monitor


Expected Event Overdue List


Scheduling EM relevant jobs


Error Messages List


Event Message Status


Event messages list- Administrator


Locked EH Message Processors


Locked EH Set Processors


Show link to SAP System as though it was clicked in the Web UI


Display Web UI field configuration but also regenerates the field dictionary used by the SAP Event Management Web UI

Configuration Transactions




Display Rule Sets


Alert Framework Integration


Define App. Object and Event Types


Define application parameters


Assign Scenario to Users


Define Solution / Scenario


Define Solution / Scenario


Define EM Relevance Conditions


Define EM Interface Functions


Define Business Process Types


Define Event Managers (Engines)


Consistency Check


Define Application Systems


Define Authorization Profiles


Define Event Consolidation Profiles


Codeset customizing and mapping


Document Flow Customizing


Drilldown to Application Document


Define Internal Event Codes/Groups


Define Expected Event Profiles


Define Event Status


Event reason codes


Define Event Handler Set Profiles


Define Extension Tables


External Ev. Codes and mapping


Define Filter Profiles


Assign Filter Profiles to Roles


Assign Filter Profile to User


Global Business Process Types Def.


Location customizing and mapping


Msg. Processing Criteria


Partner customizing and mapping


Define Parameter Dictionary


Define Parameter Mapping


Define System Parameters


Define Status Profiles


Define Status Attributes


Define Status Icons for Events


Define Event Handler Conditions


Define Rule Conditions


Define Condition for EH Type and Set


Define Filter Conditions


Document Flow: Conditions


Define Event Manager Functions


Define Rule Activity Functions


Define EH Type Condition Functions


Define Expected Events Functions


Define Parameter Mapping Functions


Define Filter Profile Functions


Define Activities


Define Rule Activities


Define EH Update Activities


Define EE Monitor Activities


Rules, activities and condition


Display Rule Sets


Define System Configuration


Define Event Handler Types


Assign user profiles to a role


Maintain WCL Transactions


Maintain User Profiles


Assign user profiles to a user


WCL: Administration


WCL:  My Favorites


WCL: Quicksearch


WCL: Search


WCL: Direct Event Sending

SAP NetWeaver BW




Check SCEM-queue for delta extraction.


Definition of SAP BW-Profiles


General Settings for BW Upload


Initialization of Setup Tables


Process SCEM-queue for delta extract


Initial data upload to BW


Define BW Interface Functions