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SAP Event management is a trending topic on social media platforms, now a days. However, due to deep involvement in my other businesses for past few months, I couldn’t get proper time to write on this hot topic. As I’ve noticed the topic is becoming popular on major community forums and social networking platforms, I am extremely excited to write some helpful content to answer public questions regarding how data flow to SAP Event Management from SAP ECC.

This blog will include but not limited to BADI, usage of functional module, procedure between SAP ECC and SAP Event management stages, which will give an overview of data flow from SAP ECC to SAP EM.

SAP Order to Cash Cycle

In SAP Event Management, order to cash process includes the stages from taking customer sales orders, fulfilling the order, shipping and generating invoices to collect payments.  SAP Order to Cash process is considered as most important aspect in any organization or industry. Document requirements may vary company to company, but usually, Sales Order is considered the first document in ‘order to cash process’ which flows to SAP Event Management.

Sales orders can be defined according to following events in SAP event management, such as if;

  • - SAP sales order line items have been completed
  • - Plant has been determined
  • - Quantity has been confirmed
  • - Delivery process has been confronted in unexpected blocks
  • - Pricing process has been completed according to plan
  • - Credit block has been confronted
  • - Billing block issues came across

Processing sequence from SAP ECC to SAP Event Management when Sales Order posting an event:

Note: I have tried to post bigger image, however it is automatically become small image.  So, click the image to see bigger picture.

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