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As a follow-up to the previous blog post Internal settlement of freight charges in SAP TM 9.5 for shippers, I would like to explain the process steps in SAP TM 9.5 for Intra company settlement of internal freight charges with own resources. In the previous blog post on the same topic, I explained the business process, Industry practices related to Internal freight settlement and provided the complete details of configuration and master data to be setup in SAP TM for Internal freight settlement with own resources.



Process steps in SAP TM:

  1. OTR created in SAP TM corresponding to ECC/ S/4 HANA Sales order.

OTR shows the Sales organization determined on OTR.

Order based transportation requirement

  1. Plan FU and create FO/FB by using shippers own vehicle resource.

  1. Freight order created with planning and execution organization corresponding to intracompany forwarding house.

  1. Calculate freight charges on freight order

  1. Calculate internal charges on freight order

  1. Now we can create freight settlement and internal settlement documents and transfer them for posting to ECC/ERP.

  • We can create internal settlement document directly from within the freight order or use a worklist to create it

  • Please note normally all freight settlement documents and internal settlement documents are created in the background using background jobs. Execution of ‘/SCMTMS/CFIR_CREATE_BATCH’ for the freight order or the OTR to create internal settlement documents in the background

  1. The internal settlement document is posted and transferred to ECC/ERP for posting to accounts. We normally post and transfer to accounts in business production systems using background job for program /SCMTMS/CFIR_TRANSFER_BATCH

After the invoice is posted to ECC, we can check the life cycle changed to ‘Invoiced in SAP ERP’ on the internal settlement document

We can validate the posting made in ECC for the internal charges using Transaction code: KSB5N_BC



This blog post sums up the process steps in SAP TM to perform intra company freight settlement involving own resources.

In an upcoming blog post, I would try to provide the configuration and process related to Inter company freight settlement.

For more information, you can comment on my post. If you like the post please share the same.
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