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SAP took many years to incorporate Pre-allocated stock in EWM, primarily used in native WM for direct stock transfer from staging area( Interim Zone) to production supply for backflush, consumption without products moving into final storage area. It can be technically called as ''Production Cross Dock''

When certain components used at manufacturing line becomes so critical because of storage,  manufacturing line is almost about to be stopped, hence stopping many manpower without work. Even if shipment arrives, it may take some time to stage it from warehouse to PSA because they may undergo some additional process.

This concept ''Pre-Allocated Stock'' shortens the staging lead time by allowing direct staging from goods receipt area to PSA bin hence bypassing multiple inbound process if involved.

Its very simple to configure and replicate.


At WPT, activate settings for pre-allocated stock consideration( Same like WM reference movement type)


Reserve how much quantity needs to be staged from GR area to PSA.( Pre-allocate qty) in Monitor.

Here, Pre-Allocated qty=10 EA for PSA bin


Create an inbound delivery, pack in Handling unit. Below example shows, qty of 20 EA is packed into 1 HU.


  Warehouse Task.

System splits into 2 Task, one going to Final Bin and 10 EA diverted to PSA.

 Confirm the task.

Check and confirm the Pre-allocated WT in Monitor. The PSA destination bin shows quantity supplied as 10. Confirm the Task.


Refresh the Monitor screen and Pre-Allocated quantity screen is gone meaning demand is sufficed.:)

You can add POSC, LOSC and enjoy the fun of this.

Help.SAP has given a wonderful video and all the combinations which can be wired into ''Pre-Allocated Process.


Hope you liked the blog, I would highly value any suggestions or modification on this blog. In future, I will write more on S/4 HANA EWM new innovations and specially changes in area of Manufacturing EWM. Stay connected.