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Definition: A process chain is a sequence of processes that wait in the background for an event. Some of these processes trigger a separate event that can start other processes in turn.

In the Supply chain planning operation there are a multiple processes in addition to the data loading process that occur regularly.

The following transaction codes can be helpful while dealing with the process chains

RSPC    – Development and Maintenance of process chains.

                      RSPCM – Process chain Monitor

If you use process chains, you can

  • Automate the complex schedules with the help of the event-controlled processing,
  • Visualize the schedule by using network applications, and
  • Centrally control and monitor the processes.

Fundamental principals of the process chain concept are:

  • Openness

  The abstract meaning of a process as any schedule with a defined beginning and end enables openness with regard to the type of process that can be integrated into a process chain. In addition, you can include process chains in other process chains, so-called meta chains. In doing so you have the option of integrating process chains from the BW system, in which the meta chain is found, or from other BW systems. In this context, local or remote process chains are concerned.  

  • Security

Using process chains offers a high amount of schedule security, which is based on the principals of background management:

    • Processes are scheduled before your run and can be monitored with the standard batch monitor.
    • You start subsequent processes by using background events.
    • Short dumps and terminations are recognized and handled respectively.
  • Responsibility

The subsequent process is responsible for getting all the information from the predecessors that is needed for a correct run. This enables the integration of new process types without having to be suitable for the existing types.

You can call up process chain maintenance centrally from the Workbench RSA1, using  Process Chain Maintenance in the toolbar.

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