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In this blog post you will learn about the Printing of warehouse order after its confirmation. There are some business cases where the user wants to print only the confirmed warehouse order. Printing for the special cases like confirmed warehouse orders or based on source/destination storage types etc can be achieved using the logical conditions records. This blog post deals with warehouse order printing after the confirmation of WO.

Solution Approach:

The below mentioned configuration steps can be employed to achieve this functionality:

  • Validate the preferred warehouse order action definition was activated using the transaction code: SPPFCADM. In this case, we will be using the action definition: WO_MULTIPLE.

  • Assign the print determination procedure to the pick warehouse process type using the below mentioned node:

IMG Path – SPRO -> IMG -> SCM Extended Warehouse Management -> Extended Warehouse Management -> Cross-Process Settings ->Warehouse Order ->Print->Assign Determination Procedure.

  • Create logical condition record using the t-code:/SCWM/PRWO5.

In this case warehouse order/task will be printed after its confirmed.

  • Maintain warehouse-specific printing parameters using the t-code: /SCWM/60000431.

  • Create conditions records for printing warehouse order using the t-code:/SCWM/PRWO6.


  • Outbound delivery: 80004606 is created.

  • In the delivery screen, create warehouse task manually by clicking on CREATE button and then SAVE.

  • Since condition record is maintained only for the confirmed warehouse order, WO is created, and it’s not printed.

  • By confirmation of the warehouse task/order, WO is printed successfully.

  • Print can be viewed using the t-code: SP01.


This blog post walks you through various steps involved in printing of warehouse order after its confirmation with test results.
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