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You want to know more about printer installation in SAP. For example, you want to use Zebra ZQ520 thermo-printer together with SAP EWM. But this step by step approach will be useful and for other Vendors and ABAP systems.



Step 1. Finding the required Printer Vendor Wizard Note

For Zebra:

1173046 - Printer Vendor Wizard Note: Zebra

For HP:

1135055 - Printer Vendor Wizard Note: HP


List of all Printer Vendor Notes here -

Step 2. Explore Printer Vendor Wizard Note

For Zebra we must explore Note #1173046 where we can find such Relation for Printer Model and Device Type for our printer.

Step 3. Explore Vendor site for required Device Type

For our Example

Step 3.1 Download and extract archive with Device Type .PRI-files from Vendor web-site


Step 4. Device Type Installation

Step 4.1.  Open transaction SE10 and create empty transport request  (Workbench, Development/Correction)

Step 4.2.  Open transaction SPAD in DEV-system and Install new Device Type

To start the wizard, click on the “wizard-button” in transaction SPAD.

On the first screen select a printer manufacturer from the drop-down list.

For example - Zebra

For first - Update Printer Model list from Note #1036961

1036961 - Device type selection wizard in transaction SPAD

Download and extract attachments

After update

Language selection for Device Type

Specify TR from  Step 5.1

Step 5. Release transport request to QAS and PROD systems

Step 5.1. QAS System

Assign real printer to installed Device Type in QAS System

Output Device Type - Your name. For example ZPRINTERX

Short name - ZPX

Device Type - Installed Device Type

Spool Server - Path to Print-server

Step 5.2. Test in QAS system

For test purpose, we can print barcode of HU in our SAP EWM QAS-System

Step 5.3. PROD system

Assign real printer to installed Device Type in PROD System


SAP BASIS Routine task with examples from real life was provided


1103422 - SAP Printer Vendor program: Installing device types, etc

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