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Product and Topic Expert

Deployment Consideration:

SAP EWM offers such a gamut of powerful tools to map complex business processes in a very easy way. Direct outbound delivery order, goods issue to cost center is one of those handful tools where ''Account Assignment Deliveries'' can directly be created from Decentral EWM and a corresponding ERP Account assignment delivery is automatically created. I am takling about account assignment movement type 201

In this functionality, there is no need to conduct picking from EWM, just pushing Direct ODO from EWM automatically post GI with account assignment delivery(mvt 201) in ERP.

This process significantly reduces the time span of creating delivery in ERP, conducting picking and goods issue from EWM(Planned Goods Issue). So, this process would be called as Unplanned Goods Issue.

This is generally required for  bulk materials like packaging items, glues, or C class materials.

Direct outbound delivery from EWM offers other critical functionalities  as well

  • Direct Stock Transport order from EWM


  • Direct outbound delivery for  Customer 


  • Generation of Additional Packaging materials items in Outbound deliveries.(Packaging materials can directly be added both from Direct STO or in Direct ODO for customer)

--->However, this blog will solely deal with direct issue to cost center(Movement type 201) from EWM.



SAP suggests to activate Business configuration(BC) sets to work with desired document types, Item types and appropriate profiles to conduct this process from EWM.

As per SAP note 2450387(Which document type or item type for which warehouse request), it suggests to activate below BC sets as per business need

/SCWM/DLV_OUTBOUND_DIRODO_1: You can use this BC Set to create the document and item types (OPIG and ODPI) and the required customer profiles for the direct outbound delivery with pickup. You cannot use this BC Set in combination with picking, handling units, or integration with shipping and receiving. You must start the outbound process in EWM. If you want to start the process in ERP, activate BC Set /SCWM/DLV_OUTBOUND_DIRODO_1A after activating /SCWM/DLV_OUTBOUND_DIRODO_1.

/SCWM/DLV_OUTBOUND_DIRODO_2: You can use this BC Set to create the document and item types (OPIG and ODPG) and the required customer profiles for the direct outbound delivery with pickup and warehouse processing. You can use these document and item types when working with handling units and picking. You cannot use this BC Set in combination with shipping and receiving integration. You must start the outbound process in EWM. If you want to start the process in ERP, activate BC Set /SCWM/DLV_OUTBOUND_DIRODO_2A after  activating /SCWM/DLV_OUTBOUND_DIRODO_2.


Configurations and Master data required:

  • Activate the BC sets /SCWM/DLV_OUTBOUND_DIRODO_2

  • The activation of BC sets creates the required document type OPIG and item type ODPG



  •  In customizing EWM, Goods Issue Process-->Outbound Delivery -->Define Account Assignment Category and Allow in Warehouse Number.

Assign required warehouse to cost center category 10(Predefined values, dont change, its hard coded in programming)



  • Create a Cost Center in ERP KS01. Cost centers are company code specific not plant specific, so create CC for your company.



  • Pull this Cost center to EWM system by t code /SCWM/ACC_IMP_ERP - Administration of Account Assignment Data 



Replication Steps:

  •  /SCWM/SGI - Pickup

Enter the required, document type and Item types and other values as below.

Since. I am just posting one line item, so it is 1. If there is need of multiple lines items posting, that can be easily done.


  • Enter the required product, quantity and all. Warehouse process type determination is automatic. Just enter the document types and Item types, WPT would be determined automatically based on customization.




  • Save the delivery and Post Goods Issue.



  • Check the ERP delivery in VL03N now. The ERP delivery is automatically created once ODO is posted from EWM. And delivery is having account assignment object having cost center.


It may look so easy  but there are multiple errors faced during replication of this process.

Problems faced

  1. Shipping Point Determination error


The above error convey that shipping condition and loading group is not defined in ERP.

However, it was already defined in my system as below.


However, when you post ODO from EWM, loading group is not captured in EWM and hence ERP delivery should also be created without loading group. EWM expects ERP delivery with same combination without loading group.

Note:-So, you need to create an additional entry without loading group and shipping condition in OVL2 in ERP. Once, this is created, just push the queue from EWM, it would be freed.




2. Movement type Error



The error basically says that movement 201 is not possible against the delivery note.

SAP note 1530820 - Posting from direct outbound delivery for the cost center fails which describes the behavior.

SAP suggests to activate a BC set /SPE/DIRODO_ACC_ASSIGNMENT in ERP to have the required settings available for movement type 201 against the outbound delivery.


On activation required tables are updated.


The cost center movement type 201 is updated the movement indicator L.  


3. Movement type 201 Determination in ERP

This may take your too much to investigate to find how movement type will be updated automatically from EWM.

Do the below settings in SPRO.

  • Logistics Execution-->SAP EWM Integration--->Cross-Process Settings--->Master Data--->Account Assignments--->Determine Movement Type for Outbound Deliveries with Accounting Information


4. Last but not the least is the configuration of Direct outbound delivery order.



Check ERP delivery is all ok??

Closely monitoring the ERP delivery, there is one field which business may ask you.

Why by account assignment delivery is billing relevant?


If you check the delivery item category, it is DLN


Check the Item category configuration VOV7,

--->DLN is marked for relevant for Billing. So, you need to configure non Billing relevant delivery Item category in ERP so that delivery should have correct status 

If all the configurations and mater data are appropriately set, you will be able to replicate this Unplanned goods issue directly from EWM which is called as Pick up and Account assignment process.


Disadvantages of this process:

This process directly consumes the cost center Item from Warehouse and there is no staging information. Generally Bulk items like packaging materials needs to be staged to Production supply area into production where actual production order is running. Once Manufacturing order is completed, business wants to consume the Cost center item when Manufacturing order items are backflushed.

Actually this matches the SAP physics with the factory physics to sync up. To make. the Bulk items staging to PSA and consumption from PSA, there is better business process which is called as Consumption posting for Kanban with consumption to cost center. SAP suggest to activate BC set /SCWM/DLV_OUTBOUND_PC_KAN. You also need to activate /SCWM/DLV_TRANSFER_PS_KANBAN: Transfer posting of Kanban parts and /SCWM/DLV_OUTBOUND_PS_KANBAN: Outbound delivery of Kanban parts depending upon your organizational model( 1 storage location or 2 storage location in Warehouse)

This process actually triggers transfer posting of Kanban items to PSA via 411 delivery and consumption to cost center by 201. You just need to Empty Kanban card to trigger staging delivery and conduct picking.

Once staging is completed at PSA, Kanban status changes to Green. So, stock is at PSA( Tractability).

Now, when you got to know that cost center item needs to be consumed, just Empty the card and stock gets consumed by movement type 201 against OPC delivery( Non Pick relevant)

This business process will be part of my next blog.

Hence the process ends here. I would wait for your valuable feedback to make this blog more productive and useful.


Best regards

Shailesh Mishra

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