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Business case: In some industries where in-process inspection process implemented, chances of rejection of FG products are less. During these cases, the shipping team can start performing the picking process even though stock is still on hold, but they perform the goods issue only after receiving quality decision and submit certificate of analysis.

So, the process should be, create a delivery with unrestricted stock --> pick stock in Q hold --> perform UD --> convert stock into unrestricted --> Post GI of unrestricted stock.

I'm not going to explain about how to create a delivery in ERP if the unrestricted stock doesn't exist, this blog just explains settings and process in EWM.

To make this work, we need to enable the stock determination groups in EWM with inbound stock as unrestricted stock and permitted stock type as quality inspection so that the system will allow to pick quality hold stock if there is no unrestricted stock.

Assign the stock determination group to product master.

Create a delivery for SO

Note: Here I made changes to item category so that it doesn’t look for stock availability at the time of delivery creation for testing.

Current stock position before creation of warehouse task. Only Q hold stock available with inspection lot tagged in the quant.

Pick WT created to pick from Q hold stock since there is no unrestricted stock.

Confirm the WT.

Stock situation after completing the picking.

Complete the packing so that system creates a WT to move the stock to staging area.

Keeping the staging task open, try performing the UD for the lot.

Stock type will be updated.

Complete staging, loading & perform goods issue for ODO in EWM.

Goods issue posted and document flow will have the transfer posting related entries against the delivery.

Flip side of this process is that if there is any rejection from quality side for the inspection lot, the whole effort of picking will be wasted.

Also, if the UD is not performed for the stock but if user try to perform goods issue, system triggers a hard stop with non-location dependent stock type mismatch.

PS: This is my personal observation based on requirements I worked on, and this blog is based on S4 HANA 2022 version sandbox.

Thank you for reading the post, please share thoughts and feedback.

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