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Partner Determination Profile.

It is used to determine the business partners that you use in different business document types. You can also enable the system to automatically determine business partners for forwarding orders with specific Incoterms. This allows you easily and efficiently enter business partners in a business document.

Customization for Partner determination profile.

  1. Run transaction SPRO and go to following path.

Create a new profile

3.  Assign party Roles

Debugging and Code Part.



Deleted the TSP_ID based on DISPL_EMPTY flag which is set to false in initialize method.

The Partner Profile can be assigned to these Business Documents.

You can use the following Customizing activities to assign the profile to a business document type:

  • Define Forwarding Order Types

In FWO UI, You can see these roles in Business Partner Tab.

  • Define Forwarding Quotation Types
  • Define Forwarding Settlement Document Types
  • Define Freight Order Types
  • Define Freight Booking Types
  • Define Freight Settlement Document Types
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