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A packaging specification is master data. The packaging specification defines all the necessary packing levels for a product for example to put away or transport the product. For a product, a packaging specification mainly describes in which quantities you can pack the product into which packaging materials


In printed form, a packaging specification is a set of instructions for the employee in the warehouse. More specifically, the work steps that you enter in a packaging specification are intended as information for the employee. for example, give the employee exact instructions as to where to place the label on a box, or how a product should be stacked onto a pallet. The system can determine packaging specifications during various processes. Processes that determine packaging specifications use only specific attributes from the packaging specification.

Maintain structure of packaging specifications starts with header, contents, Level type, element type, level set, define work step, and define packing material type. In order to understand structure of pack spec see below figure

  • Header

Attributes such as the name of the packaging specification, username, status, and so on.

  • Contents

A packaging specification contains a product. However, some packaging specifications contain more than one product, or refer to other packaging specifications.

  • Level

A packaging specification contains one or more levels. Each level contains a target quantity, which defines how many times you can pack the previous level into this level.

  • Element group

For each level there is exactly one element group. However, you can reuse element groups in several packaging specifications.

  • Elements

Elements consist of a packaging material and a work step.

  • Step

A text with an identification, which you can use in one or more packaging specifications.

  • Packaging material

A product that is defined with a packaging material type in the product master.

Example for a packaging specification and its structure

Header: Name: Pack Spec X

Contents: product X, 1 Each

Level 1: Target quantity one, element group EG1

Element group EG1:

  • Element E1: packaging material ‘Carton box’, work step ‘Place 1 Each upright in each box’

Level 2: Target quantity 100, element group EG2

Element group EG2:

  • Element E2: packaging material ‘Pallet’, work step ‘Place boxes layer by layer onto pallet’

packaging specifications  can be created, copied, activated and determined using condition technique

the following are the configuration steps for packaging specification in embedded EWM

  • Define number range for packaging specifications

  • Define packaging specification group

Maintain structure of packaging material

  • Define level type

  • Define element type

  • Define level set

  • Assign level set to level types

  • Assign element type to this level type

  • Define work step type

  • Assign packaging material to element type

  • Assign work step type to packaging material type

Now, assign or maintain the level set in packaging specification group

Now, in SAP easy access maintain one packaging work step and  one level element group

  • Maintain packaging work step (T.Code : /N/SCWM/PSWORKSTEP)

  • Maintain level element group (T.Code : /N/SCWM/PSEG)

  • Create or maintain packaging specification ( T.Code : /N/SCWM/PACKSPEC )

enter packaging specification group, one packaging specification number will be generated from the number range maintained for pack spec

Maintain product and quantity for which pack spec need to be created

Main level type and element type along with packaging material and work step

Maintain condition record and activate the packaging specification

Now one packaging specification with number 10000056 is activated for material TEST-MAT-1


When the inbound delivery gets distributed from S/4 HANA system into embedded EWM. EWM system should create handling unit for inbound delivery items that are maintained with packaging specification in EWM

Create one inbound delivery for material TEST-MAT-1 of 1 quantity for corresponding plant, storage location in S/4 HANA system and save it. The inbound delivery will be distributed into embedded EWM system

Now, enter T.CODE : ( /N/SCWM/PRDI ) enter the ERP document number and execute it

go to item level of the document. pack status is completed for 1 quantity i.e EWM system is auto handling packing the incoming stock or material due to packaging specification

at item level of the document click on HU. handling unit number 8000008030 created by the system from number range maintained for packaging material carton box.

Next create handling unit warehouse tasks and do the putaway of handling unit into the storage bin or else if the material is relevant to POSC execute individual steps

Conclusion :

packaging specification are the master data in EWM which consists of header, content, level, element group, element type, element, work step and packaging material.

packaging specification are used to create handling units by system for the incoming material into the warehouse
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