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Recently I found one functionality of ODO clean up activity using a report,  SCWM/R_PDO_COMPLETE which can be efficiently used for zeroing outbound delivery order from EWM without clicking th outbound delivery order button in /SCWM/PRDO. I checked detailed documentation of SAP EWM and found it was incorporated in SAP from 9.0 version and is now extended to SAP EWM 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 9.5, SAP S/4 Hana 1610, S/4 Hana 1709 & SAP S/4 Hana 1809.

Few months back, I also wrote a blog on the concept of how to zero out the outbound delivery in EWM using  exception code and corresponding confirmation of zero message in ERP. Generation of Outbound delivery order with Zero Quantity.

Please refer that to understand in detail.


Replication Steps.

  1. /SCWM/MON


  • 2) Use the radio button 3.


  • 3) Default process code O001 will be picked.   



Default Picking of Process code O001.




  •  4)  If delivery contains hierarchies like batch splits, Outbound delivery split, delivery group, UOM split, then this pop gets triggered which means only use of non-hierarchy related items are supported. 


  • 5) Item gets zeroed out


  • 6) Check outbound delivery order in EWM. It is zero out.


  • 7) Check corresponding delivery in ERP. Its still not zeroed out.


ERP OBD is distributed to the EWM to automatically generate the picking task (usually), but if the EWM is not able to pick up the goods due to insufficient stock or other reasons, the difference is generally confirmed, and the ODO line item is confirmed by 0. But the problem is that the EWM standard process cannot be returned to the ERP after zero confirmation.

For this SAP, has given a program /SCWM/R_PDO_COMPLETE.



Scheduling this program in background will zero out the ERP outbound delivery without any manual work. So, this program will remove the extra work of clicking in ''Create Outbound delivery'''button in /SCWM/PRDO.




Check ERP delivery now. It is zeroed out.


Hence, the blog ends here. Appreciate for any suggestions and corrections.


Best regards

Shailesh Mishra