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There were multiple functionalities enhanced  as part of SAP TM 9.3 which is summarised as below:

a) Strategic freight procurement

b) Strategic freight sales

c) Ocean and air schedule and capacity management

d) Transportation load planning

e) Package/pallet building

f) Freight charge calculation for all modes of transport including parcel scenarios

Similarly below enclosed are the new functionalities added as part of TM 9.3:

a) Integration with ERP scheduling agreements

b) Resource planning-container visibility

c) Transit warehouse scenario

d) Customs declaration and security filings

e) Group company logistics scenario

Now let me discuss in brief about the new features availability in the functionalities enhanced:

a) Strategic freight prcourement:

Collaboration portal enablement for displaying released freight agreement,accepting /rejecting terms and conditions, optimisation for carrier selection using total amounts from atching historical orders, user assignment at RFQ item level, enablement for transit time for optimiser input.

b) Strategic freight sales:

Flat view of FWAQ rate lines, rate protection from fluctuation, capacity calculation per FWAQ, Duplicate agreement validation check, download of rates from FWAQ to customer excel

c) Ocean and air schedule:

Initial upload of ocean schedules for creation of voyages and ocean freight booking, delta upload of ocean schedules, schedule upload report

d) Package and load planning:

Rule based planning of mixed and product pallets considering pallet attributes, product stacking rules , customer speciifc requirement, loading pallets into trcuks, trailers,containers.

Also we have complete visibility on usage and availability of own fleet  and handling resource utilisation using Gantt chart and also it allowed real time planning in cockpit by plan based on reported events.

My next article will explain about the new functionalities in TM 9.3  which was not available in earlier version.

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