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SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain Onboarding Resource Center is a comprehensive platform provided by SAP to facilitate the onboarding process for the SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solution for supply chain management. It offers a range of resources, services, and support to ensure a smooth and successful onboarding experience for users.

The following is a high-level overview of the SAP Integrated Business resource center.

Useful Resources

The resource center serves as a one-stop shop for users, providing them with a collection of valuable resources. These resources include documentation, guides, webinars, and other materials that offer guidance and information on various aspects of the onboarding process.

Service Offerings

The resource center offers service offerings to assist users throughout the onboarding journey. This includes technical assistance, non-technical support, and the ability to provide feedback through the SAP Support Portal. Users can request product support, access non-product support, and receive assistance from SAP experts when needed.

Implementation Guidance

The resource center provides guidance on the implementation phases, deliverables, and tasks involved in setting up the SAP IBP solution. It leverages SAP Activate, an implementation methodology, to guide users through the implementation process. This ensures that users have a clear understanding of the steps involved and can effectively plan and execute the implementation of SAP IBP for their supply chain management needs.

Data Integration Scenarios

The resource center offers information on data integration scenarios for different types of data in SAP IBP. This helps users understand how to integrate and manage their data effectively within the solution.

Expert Guidance

Users can access the SAP Enterprise Support Academy and Enterprise Support DSC Value Maps for expert guidance and services. These resources provide users with the necessary knowledge and support to transform their business into an intelligent enterprise and achieve success with SAP IBP for supply chain management.

Onboarding Journey

The onboarding journey for SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) consists of several steps and resources to help users successfully implement and utilize the solution.

Onboarding Journey

1. Welcome

Customers can get started with initial understanding of SAP IBP for Supply Chain with the following resources.

Getting Started

Provisioning Check - Check the provisioning process main topics with this one-pager.

SAP for Me - Receive comprehensive transparency from your SAP product portfolio, in one place.

Selecting Your Partner - Choosing the right implementation partner is key to your business and project success.

Change Management Guide - Review the change management guide and workbook to build a formal plan.

SAP IBP Community - Ask questions in the community, read blog posts and connect with SAP IBP experts.

Services and Support - Next-generation support tools and resources are available whenever assistance is needed.

Keys to Success

  • Join Onboarding Webinars

  • Access Your System

  • Explore the SAP Solution Journey

2. Project Readiness

Project Readiness in SAP IBP refers to the state of preparedness of a customer to start a successful project implementation of SAP IBP for supply chain management. It is a crucial aspect of the onboarding journey and involves defining the project scope, understanding the project methodology, and conducting project guidance.

Project Methodology - SAP Activate will guide you through phases, deliverables, and tasks for implementation.

SAP Activate Community - Visit to ask a question or read the latest blog posts about SAP Activate.

SAP Best Practices - Accelerate and simplify the adoption of SAP IBP using best practices.

Solution Overview - Watch webcasts from experts to learn about available features.

SAP IBP Help Portal - See the Configuration Guide, integration scenarios, and add-ins.

Release Information - Explore what's new in SAP IBP, how to plan, and what to do after your upgrades.

Keys to Success

  • Define the project scope

  • Understand Project Methodology

  • Explore SAP Best Practices

3. Project Guidance

Project Guidance in SAP IBP refers to the process of providing guidance and support to customers during the implementation of SAP IBP for supply chain management.

Data Integration - Learn about data integration scenarios used for different types of data in SAP IBP.

Excel Add- In - Learn how to work with the Excel add-in with this end-user guide.

SAP IBP Roadmap - Learn about the planned and available innovations in SAP Road Map Explorer.

Customer Influence - Submit and vote on improvement requests for the SAP IBP solution.

SAP Enterprise Support Academy - Get expert guidance and access services to transform into an intelligent enterprise.

Enterprise Support DSC Value Maps - Get guidance to transform into an intelligent enterprise for success with DSC solutions.

Keys to Success

  • Conduct Fit to Standard Workshops

  • Validate Exceptions to Golden Rules

  • Prepare Your Test Plan

4. Project Progress

Project Progress in SAP IBP refers to the status of the implementation project and the progress made toward achieving the desired outcomes.

Realize Checklist - Review the checklist for support during the Realize phase of implementation.

Early Watch Alerts - Receive updates to performance and stability from system monitoring.

Continuous Quality Checks - An SAP expert analyzes your system to provide an action plan at various stages.

Keys to Success

  • Assess Project Progress Status

  • Execute Your Test Plan

  • Prepare a Training Plan

5. Go-Live Preparation

Go-Live Preparation in SAP IBP refers to the activities and steps taken to ensure a smooth transition from the implementation phase to the production phase of SAP IBP for supply chain management. It involves finalizing the configuration, conducting testing, training end-users, and optimizing system performance before the system goes live.

Deploy / Go-Live Checklist - Review for support during the Deploy and Go-Live phases of implementation.

SAP Support Portal - Search for SAP Notes, SAP Knowledge Base Articles, SAP Community content, and more.

SAP IBP Newsletter - Stay informed about critical notes, bug-fixes, and important news for the IBP system

Enterprise Support Reporting - Gain visibility on landscape, consumption, and case or solution statuses.

SAP Trust Center - Find the information on cloud performance, security, privacy, and compliance.

SAP Cloud Availability Center - View relevant information about your cloud product availability and maintenance.

Keys to Success

  • Review Solution Go-Live Readiness

  • Prep for Post Go-Live Maintenance

  • Become Future Ready

6. Continuous Improvements

Continuous improvement is an ongoing process of refining business processes and functions throughout the supply chain to achieve greater productivity and success. Adopting a continuous-innovation mindset is crucial to the success of a continuous improvement program. This means recognizing and dealing with failure, mapping, analyzing, and redesigning the supply chain business processes.



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