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Most Important aspect of Goods Receiving is creation of Handling Units. I see lot of development being done for creation of Handling Units during Inbound. But there are standard ways of  achieving this functionality.

Here are the two standard ways of receiving it.

Apply Note 2815759 - RF Receiving: Mass HU Creation for Receipt of Handling Units


Inbound Processes >> Receiving of Handling Units >>Rec. HU by delivery

Enter the delivery Number

Next Screen will display the details about the delivery

Click MulHU

This will display the following screen. Here scan the Product code and the quantity per HU. Click Next F1.


When you click on next, following screen appears and it shows number of Hus which got created. If you click on List, it will display all HUs

Now this can be processed further.

Implement Note 2889492 - Easy Packaging Screen in Goods receipt – packing proposal

Create Inbound Delivery and goto Pack Screen

When you try to see the packing proposal, this will display the following screen and this can be changed to any quantity.


If you try to create Nested HU, this facility is not Included in this note.


Nested HUs are not part of the development as of now. I hope this gets included in future versions.


These standard steps must have given you good idea to receive the goods in HUs through the standard way.
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