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Hi All,

This document have been written based on the thread ; to explain how to Map the Multiple truck load in TLB Profile.

TLB Profile Maintenance:

Create a TLB Profile with the relationship rule option “3” and specify the rule detail 1 OR 2. The new rule ZTEST is created and highlighted in the below screen shot.

Maintain the rule parameter as highlighted in the lower part of the screen shot.In this example it is taken there are two fixed load capacity is available, there are 96 EA and 192 EA.

T-Lane Maintenance:

Assign the TLB profile in the T-lane master data.

Deployment order situation

Deployment crated two orders one of 100 EA and other of 200 EA , the situation is shown below


As highlighted in the below screen shot , two TLB orders created  one with the QTY of 96 and other with the quantity of 192 EA. The quantity of order creation matches with the TLB profile capacity

Hope this document explain the process of Multiple truck load mapping in TLB, which is very common scenario in the business.



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