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In this topic, I will try to explain collectively transferring storage bins. You can use this function to migrate storage bin data and storage bin sortation data from LE-WM into SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM).The report is divided into two parts.The first part is used to download the storage bin data and/or sortation data and store it in an intermediate file.The second part is used to upload the storage bin data and/or sortation data from the CSV file or the server file to the EWM storage bin table or the storage bin table for execution areas and activities. This part uses the transaction /SCWM/SBUP for the storage bin data and the transaction for the sortation data.First, we use SCWM / SBUP to access the screen you see below.After pressing the export button that appears on the screen, the title of local files is selected.

'UNCONVERTED' option should be selected in the intermediate screen.

It is very important that we save the file as CSV type on this screen.After selecting this file type, generate is selected.New excel file created while we were saving the document.

The columns that we need to write in the excel file we created are as follows;

Warehouse Number

Storage Bin

Storage Type

Storage Section

Storage Bin Type

Bin Access Type


It is saved to process the data we have specified and transfer the file to the SAP. To find the prepared file, select the file icon and find the file on the computer. 

All that remains is to upload and save the file. If you want you can use /SCWM/LS02 code to check what we prepared.

I hope this document has helped you.You can watch the youtube video I prepared for detailed explanation.Please ask me if you have any questions.


Best Regards

M.Oktay Ceviz
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