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Business case: For Lifesciences/Pharmaceutical companies it is very common to have multiple serialization systems based on different geographies, compliance requirements and regulations. It is therefore important that all the systems are always in sync and perform optimally to manage traceability from production to drug delivery. At Cognizant, we believe in intelligent automation of business systems, and therefore our integration solution provides opportunity for rapid deployment of applications system integration.

Key Rationale:

  • Integrate SAP ATTP with another serialization system to share real time data across the landscape.

  • Integrate business functions to perform Batch Decommission (Full/Partial), Quality Sampling (Full/Partial), Recall and Export shipment for seamless data sharing.

  • Reduce manual effort, avoid duplicate work in multiple systems, reduce risk of human errors.

  • End-to-End Automation process which will increase user productivity and data visibility.

  • Timely report the batch/serial number status in Regulatory reporting systems.

Design Tenets: Key business touch points between the sterilization systems were identified. This approach has considerably reduced the inter-dependence of the systems on data, business process and key users. The following processes like Batch Decommission, Quality Sampling and Export Shipment were identified as source of data redundancy and mismatch in the end-to-end process integration. New Interface programs were developed to perform Batch Decommission, Quality Sampling & Export Shipment in ATTP and Integrate to Third-party sterilization application through SAP PI/PO. Below are some of the key business functionalities achieved through the interfacing.

  • Post events for Full or Partial batches and with/without aggregation batches.

  • Determine batch is aggregated or non-aggregated before performing business functions as this is required to unpack aggregation batches.

  • Determine the batch is produced by internal lines or posted by CMO as this is required for interfacing unpack details to 3rd party Track and Trace system.

Data Flow


Screen for Batch Decommission & Quality Sampling:

Screen for Export Shipment:

Business Benefits

  • Maintain SAP ATTP as the system of truth with integrated Serialization systems that functions as one automated Track and Trace application for seamless data integration.

  • Enhanced system integration to perform critical operations like Batch Decommissioning (Full/Partial), Quality Sampling (Full/Partial), Export shipment and Recall processes.

  • Standard API’s for rapid deployment of interface solution for real time data sharing and parallel processing.

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