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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
From S/4 HANA 1510, some of the industry specific solution like DIMP( Discrete Industry and Mill Product) have been moved into S/4 HANA layer and there is not additional license or Business functions are required to activate it. They are by default switched on

Mills Product are more specific to mining industry or batch production when it is required to consolidate multiple manufacturing orders into 1 batch order.  This blog is intended to explain how order combination can be integrated to SAP EWM and how manufacturing of Main Products and Co-Products can be packed into single handling unit. Up to now, co-products, like components, had to be entered in the component overview. The fast entry function provides you with a fast and easy way of entering and changing co-products on a separate screen.

The order combination allows to group multiple manufacturing orders into 1 consolidated order and hence group staging can also be triggered.


This blog will deal with combining multiple Production orders into one.

Create manufacturing order, a fast entry tab will be opened, here required Co-product production can be entered.


  1. Firstly, will check how Co-products can be entered using fast entry tab.


Post the confirmation,  CO15 or CO11N displays Main Item+ CO-Product also with 101 mvt type. This functionality is only available in S/4 HANA.

Since GR is initiated from S/4, hence Inbound delivery will created in S/4 and distributed to EWM system. One inbound delivery will contain both Main Product and CO-Product, hence it can be packed into Single HU also or in different HU also,



Now Create  HU to receive Main Product and Co-Product


The Co-Product is first Packed in HU 8001000448.



Similarly, Main products can be packed into Separate HU.


Packing Main Product and Co-Product in 1 Handling Unit:

SAP has received a request from Customer connection program, Request ID: 218459( Allow Production Goods Receipts to Produce into existing HU) which is under long term consideration status.

This requirement raised by customer is included into this request ID which primarily ask for the header product and co-product to be produced in same HU. With my current blog, SAP can easily suffice this customer requirement and check the functionality used to meet the requirement.


  1. Create a production order and in fast entry tab enter the required Co-product quantity( This functionality is available in S/4 HANA 1510 when Mill product moved into HANA Layer


2. After staging of components to SAP, post the confirmation from CO11N( Production Order or COR6N( Process order)

The header product and Co-Products are concatenated together 101 movement type.


The driving factor is OPK4 confirmation profile.


3. On posting confirmation, system created a single Inbound delivery with both header and co-product which is distributed to EWM system


4. Now with RF, HU can be created and both header and co-product can be packed into single HU.

Header is packed.



Similarly CO-product can also be packed.

Both Header and Co-product packed into single HU


 2) Order Combination:

The order combination function allows  to combine the sequences of identical operations in a consolidated production order. Following objects can be combined in orders:

  • Sales orders

  • Planned orders

  • Production orders



With this functionality, all BOM components quantity will be summed up and hence resultant summed up staging of components will be initiated from Warehouse to PSA. This will significantly reduce staging task if multiple Manufacturing orders are released per day for a manufacturing line. This manufacturing technique of ''order Combination'' is available from S/4 HANA version and is perfectly suited for ''Batch Production''


Limitation of Order Combination

  • Production orders and process orders cannot be combined with each other.


  • Not all functions are supported for process orders, for example, the formulas with Active Pharma Ingredients are not adjusted for quantity calculation.



  • Collective orders  cannot be combined.


  • Operations from orders that contain a co-product cannot be combined. All orders must be for a material, but the material of the combined original orders may differ.


Thanks for reading ! Appreciate your response to make this blog more productive.

All testing are conducted in S/4 HANA 1709 Sandbox system



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