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Hello all,


EWM creates large amount of data for each process and stores these at complicated tables. You need to create periodic background jobs to clean these tables to improve database access and performance. I will give you some basic jobs for common use, feel free to add if you want to share more.


/LIME/BACKGROUND_DELETE_EXEC Deletes DB entries for zero stock quantities, index entries without stock
/LIME/COLLECTION_DELETE Deletes the dispatch message log for goods movements between EWM and ERP older than X days
/SCMB/ALEN_ALERT_DELETE Deletes alerts older than X days
 SBAL_DELETE Deletes Application logs(BALDAT & BALHDR Tables)


It is clear from my explanations, but you can learn more from definition of SAP.


Best regards

Serhan Er


Don't forget the good old SARA transaction with business data archiving:


object description
WME_DOOR Door Activities
WME_EPD Performance Document
WME_EWL Executed Workload
WME_HU Handling Units
WME_ILT Indirect Labor Tasks
WME_MFS Telegram Flows
WME_RSRC Relevant Resource Data
WME_TO Warehouse Tasks
WME_TU TU Activities
WME_VAS Value-Added Service Orders (VAS Orders)
WME_VEH Shipping & Receiving: Vehicle Activities
WME_WO Warehouse Orders


best regards,


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