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Hello All,

This  blog  is on process to maintain warehouse product master data in bulk. Here i have shown for single product but it will be useful for  multiple products.

Business Example

The ERP material master data for material managed in your warehouse must be copied to the
SAP EWM system.

It may also be necessary to create the warehouse product master views if they do not already
exist. These are required to maintain SAP EWM specific entries.


Basic step is to maintain  via transaction /SCWM/MAT1  for single product , for bulk products here i show how its done using  Warehouse management Monitor transaction and SAP Fiori app.

Scenario 1 : To maintain product using Warehouse management Monitor transaction

Step 1: Goto to transaction /scwm/mon or Warehouse monitor app and click on product master data


Step 2: Click on warehouse attribute and enter the product and select all products option in additional options and click on execute


Step 3 : Click on Mass change /create from dropdown as shown below

Step 4: Enter the relevant entries, here i have entered the  PACI and SRCI and execute ,later click on continue and yes .




Step 5: Once saved , the warehouse data is updated as Yes as seen below and can be used further for warehouse process, similarly you can select multiple products.


Scenario 2: Using the Fiori app Manage Product Master data

Step 1 : Enter the product and click on go

Step 2 Double click on the product , goto warehouse management and click on edit & create under warehouse tab


Step3 Enter the warehouse number, Party entitled to dispose which are mandatory

Step4 If required you can define PACI & SRCI as below

Step 6

Finally click on save and product can be viewed. Same can be carried out for multiple products

Conclusion : This method will be useful when you have  lots of products which needs  warehouse data to be extended , can come in handy.

Please let me know your feedback on same. SAP EWM Rocks!!!


Darshan Desai
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