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In certain business requirements Managers expect that their team forecast numbers on the detailed levels. This means instead of forecasting on material number, forecast should be on material and location combination.

To achieve this we can have a macro which checks whether user has drilled to material and location for forecasting or not. If only material is selected in the selection window then row will be in a display mode else it will be in change mode. This could be AGG_LEVEL & ROW_INPUT functions.

In below example we have mentioned that if aggregated level is material and location then attributes of row will be input ready else display only.

Now if I select material and location in selection window then this would be input ready as this is at detailed level. If you have a single CVC for a material with one location then automatically it will open as input ready being the detailed level.

On the other hand if i select only material then this would be in display mode being aggregated level.

Now if we drill down to location level through header information settings and click either one location or details (all) this will be input ready.

This way we can make sure that users put their forecast on detailed level then on aggregated level.

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