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A couple of months ago we have launched our new product Automated Route Planning (inside SAP Waste and Recycling, cloud edition by PROLOGA) and I want to share some insights on the feedback we got from our RampUp projects.

The solution automatically allocates the waste collection orders to the available vehicles. By this it replaces the manual planning and reduces administrative costs significantly. At the same time the algorithm optimizes the routes within minutes which reduces operational costs as well as CO2 emissions.

The close integration into various SAP components allows to take a wide range of information into account for the calculation.

  • Container type and location

  • waste material

  • Expected weight

  • Time restrictions on when the container can be picked up

  • Vehicle type, pay load, costs

  • Prices, opening hours, location and restrictions for waste disposal facilities

  • Costs, costs for over hours, working and driving time restriction for personnel

  • etc.

From our RampUp projects we got the feedback that exactly this seamless integration is a key advantage of the solution. Furthermore it was mentioned that it allows for more complex scenarios than a manual planning would do (e.g. planning across multiple depots and facilities) and it opens complete new possibilities for simulations of certain business scenarios (new areas, new customers, fleet optimization, etc.).

Besides these business advantages the cloud based solution is available and can be used within 1 day.

However master data cleansing stays a significant effort. The automated planning can only be as good as the data behind and all information being relevant and existing in the head of a planner needs to set up in the system accordingly so that it can taken into account the be algorithm. But this is a key task for any automation of processes and is not specifically related to the route planning process or the Automated Route Planning (inside SAP Waste and Recycling, cloud edition by PROLOGA) as a product.

Given the feedback from these RampUp projects we will continue to develop the solution even further. From the ability to set parameter before, during and after the planning to improve simulation capabilities to the incorporation of traffic information there are plenty of ideas on our list and we are happy to receive more to make this solution a perfect fit for our customers.

For more information visit our website for Automated Route Planning (inside SAP Waste and Recycling, cloud edition by PROLOGA).
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