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Purpose: As part of 1909 release, you can now utilize replenishment strategy “0008 Stock Transfer with Warehouse Task” to move a product from an EWM storage location to an IM storage location, thus eliminating the need to create deliveries in an Embedded EWM system for Kanban replenishment.

Process Flow: The below flow depicts the end-to-end flow for this process using LOSC

Required Setup:

Production Configuration

Configuration #1: SAP IMG > Production > Kanban > Replenishment strategies > Define stock transfer strategies. Create/copy entry for “0008” for your corresponding plant.

  • Ensure the Control type is 8

  • The signal lock in minutes dictates how many minutes user must wait until Kanban container’s status can be updated.

  • Add any forms needed to print Kanban or control cycle


Embedded EWM Configuration

Configuration #1: Do not map ERP production location(s) to EWM availability group(s)

Configuration #2: Define a new storage type for IM Kanban Production Supply

  • Make sure to create EWM bin(s) for this storage type. This bin will be assigned in PKMC when creating the control cycle

Configuration #3: Create LOSC entry if needed. LOSC will only work when using RF. When confirming warehouse task directly from the monitor, LOSC doesn’t work.

  • Destination storage type will be the storage type you created in Configurations #2 Warehouse Process Type will be 2100 since that is the default WPT SAP uses when creating warehouse task for Kanban replenishment

Master Data Setup

#1: Create Production Supply Area in PK05

#2: Control Cycle Creation via PKMC. Fill out the following information

  • Material

  • Plant

  • Supply Area

  • Number of Containers

  • Container Quantity

  • Stock Transfer: 0008

  • Storage Location: Storage Location to pick out of

  • WPT: 2100

  • Destination Bin: List EWM bin created for the IM storage type created in Configuration #2 for Embedded EWM

  • Storage Type: Will automatically default

  • Warehouse Number


Process Steps:

Step 1: Set Kanban container to “empty”. Can do it via PK13N (or Fiori App “Kanban Board”) or using Fiori App “Set Kanban Container Status”

Via PK13N or Kanban Board App

You will see the warehouse task generated for replenishment

Step 2: Process Open Warehouse Task to replenish Kanban container.

If you are directly confirming the warehouse task from the monitor, then LOSC will not work. To trigger LOSC, you must confirm the warehouse task from the RF. If using Standard SAP, you will be able to find the warehouse order associated with the warehouse task from the monitor and confirm warehouse order via RF.


Step 3: Validate Kanban container is set back to “full”. Material document will post with 411 movement type. There is also a warehouse management tab where you can see EWM relevant documents


Other Notes/Tips:

  1. Standard SAP allows for the Kanban ID to display on the warehouse task. To find warehouse tasks for a Kanban, you can directly search the Kanban ID in Monitor (Documents > Warehouse Task)

  1. To confirm a quantity on the RF that is different from the Kanban container quantity, enable and use exception code “DIFW” Diff. as Charges for Warehouse. This is how EWM will book the difference. Material document will post as follows


  1. To repair a Kanban, use t-code PK31


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